Thoughts: Soulmate Relationship

Written on 15 December 2020

I think about soulmates a lot, especially mine. The concept that there is only one other person in the world who makes up our soul (one soul, two physical bodies, two spirit bodies).

Why did God create soulmates? I don’t know all the reasons exactly, but I like the idea that we have a mate/best friend to share with, to explore and learn about the universe and everything inside and outside said universe.

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Poem: A Gentle Whisper

A quiet murmur

A gentle word

An inkling

A slow satisfied sigh

A hankering for something dreamed of but not yet realised





Inspire thoughts

Whirling, swirling, gathering speed

A crescendo

Then the quiet certainty

That love is real

Embrace it with a full, whole, open heart

The quiet whisper, gentle kindness of the creators feelings brush my soul

And I, overwhelmed, am enveloped in the awe and goodness of it all.

Eloisa, 18 December 2020, 12.40 am

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Poem For Friends

Written December 2018

I have friends who are passionate for God, for Love & Truth
They stand up tall and beautiful
God is their guide, True North

They love God and know God’s Truth
The secrets of the Universe
They love, they feel, and create
They share, explore and care beyond the worlds common state

There is evil in the world that tries to pull them down
It weaves it’s way around their legs and desires them to fall

But my friends they know the secret
The superpower of the universe
They know The Way they tread it true
They are brave, they are courageous
They never give up on what is right
They are humble in their dealings, with you and me and with themselves

They are kind and gentle people
They are true friends to all they meet
Including those who oppose and choose to remain as foes
They live by what they teach
An example to the world

And their passion is contagious
liquid nectar to a thirsty soul
Their teachings true and beautiful
They gift the opportunity for change
Each and every person who applies The Truth
Will be forever changed

Each of us, like my friends, can become a passionate ambassador for God
For Love, for Truth, for change, for all things right and good

If you don’t believe me go and try it for yourself
And once you have done so sincerely
Tell the world what you have learnt
And how it changed your heart

For my friends Jesus & Mary, with love

Partner Relationships: Reflections on Divorce & Relationships, Part 1

Reflections on relationships

Relationships can be the source of great joy, happiness, connection, learning & discovery. Relationships (between adults*) can also expose pain, heartache, anxiety, addictions etc. Pain in relationships occurs when love and truth come secondary to the desire for facade, addictions, codependency, barter. When the pain is exposed and there are unresolved issues in the mix it is tempting to blame the other party rather than look in the mirror at ourselves and what we contributed to the relationship dynamic. 

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