Learning about Love in regards to “Parenting”

This page, in my opinion, is useful for not only parents, but parents to be, grandparents, step-parents, foster parents, children, teachers of children, psychologists, anyone working with children and anyone who ever was a child, so all of us.

It has many useful resources to help your personal investigation to parent kids as God intended. I use the term ‘parent’ loosely here, the truth is that God is our real parent and we are just caring for younger souls with the beautiful opportunity to learn about love and share what we have have learnt about love in the process. So these will be resources that I have found really helpful either God’s Truth on the matter, or things that have helped my personal understanding and aided me to feel through or realise issues within myself that need to be changed in order to Love in a real way.

All the information relates to you personally if you choose to engage this. This is the beauty of God’s Way! It is about Me/You and the choices I/You make, and yes I/you can contribute and change the world. What a wonderful relief that it is not up to everybody else!! smile.

Each subject will have a title and the relevant resources following it. Enjoy exploring and discovering more about this wonderful opportunity to learn about Love in a real and active way!

What is Divine Truth?

How Can we Learn to Parent as God Does?

Intro from Eloisa:
This material has the potential to change our lives and the entire world in a positive direction if we choose to truly engage God’s Truth and have the humility to feel through our resistance and any feeling out of harmony with Love from God’s perspective. Until we engage it with our soul it remains a possibility – when we do engage it fully the effects in the direction of Love are infinite.
The following is really interesting video material (in my humble opinion), including FAQ’s and Seminars on Parenting, presented by Jesus & Mary Magdalene.
The first FAQ question on the list (and featured in the video on this page) I found to be really enlightening and helpful! ‘How can we learn to parent as God does’ – how exciting to have Truthful material in answer to this question!
I hope you enjoy becoming more humble* and becoming a ‘parent’ as God intended.
I found the following links helpful in highlighting how out of harmony my belief systems, ideas, thoughts and ways of ‘parenting’ are.
It is so helpful to have insights on God’s ways of doing things especially when I have no idea. I can check out how far away I am from God’s Way I am and work through my false beliefs and unloving behaviour learning to love the children in our care as God loves each of us.
For me it gives me hope that parenting can be different, and that I am able to change, especially when I am resistant or finding it ‘difficult’, ‘challenging’, or ‘hard’.
The following are short videos from FAQ sessions with Jesus,
Justin Crick is the interviewer.
Click on any of the following links (underlined & in blue) to take you to the YouTube video clip on that topic.

How can we learn to parent as God does?​

Can you define the role of a parent?​

What can we learn about God through the process of being a parent?

Is it important a child sees God as the real parent? What are the effects?

If we hurt our children by not teaching them about God, how do we amend this?                                                     

How can I amend not teaching my children about God in their formative years?

What difference does it make to a child if the parents are soulmates or not?

How much does a parent’s and soulmate’s relationship impact their children?

What is God’s purpose for creating physical ‘parents’ for his children?

What was God’s intention in allowing us to become parents?

If we are blocked to God can we assist our children to know God?

After God our soulmate, are our family and children the most important?

Should we purify our soul’s condition before conceiving a child?

How can we learn to trust and feel God as a real experience?

Seminars on Parenting Children with Jesus & Mary Magdalene

Thank you so much to Jesus & Mary Magdalene for this information that is all created from their desire to Share God’s Truth on Earth.
All Jesus & Mary Magdalenes video, Audio, Seminar material is produced free of charge and can be shared freely. If you desire to make a donation for their time and efforts in gifting and producing the material please visit the website below.
If you desire to find out more please visit their website www.divinetruth.com 
* For more information on Humility & many other intersting subjects visit the above website, www.divinetruth.com

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