February 2019: Mediumship Experience

Written in February 2019, reflections on mediumship.

I am experimenting with mediumship skills.

God has given the ‘sense’ of mediumship as a gift to humanity in order that people on earth and in the spirit world can communicate with one another. This is a pretty awe inspiring possibility with a lot of wonderful potentials when the sense is used wisely. For example, when our motivations are ethical and moral and we desire to learn about love, truth and God’s Laws. Or we desire to love our brothers and sisters and bring about positive change.

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Poem: Insideout

Inside is strong, got it together, grounded
Outside muddled, can’t string a sentence together

Feelings, strong, real, true
Her power lies in her emotional expression

Mans way, won’t accept all the feeling until the intellect understands
When she agrees she misses out on the wisdom contained in the emotion

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April 2022: Gratitude


I am so grateful for the donations that have been given to me!

Thank you to Jesus & Mary who recently published a post titled ‘Work of Generous Individuals’ on their blog. It was a post about Catherine, Corny (David Walsh), Kate & myself and some of the things that we contribute to God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations as volunteers.

I am grateful to everyone who has made a donation/s inspired by this post. Many of you I have never met and your contributions and desire to donate to me so I can continue to volunteer full time are most appreciated – Thank you!
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