Crowd-Funding Initiative Created for God’s Way Ltd Volunteers


Over the past 18 months, three parties consisting of four individuals, Divine Truth (Jesus & Mary), Catherine Spence & myself, have been financing an experimental initiative with a small number of God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers (volunteers in this post refers to both members and volunteers in the organisation).

This initiative closely follows what is commonly known as a crowd-funding model. It is an independent initiative between private individuals that want to support God’s Way organisation. This is an overview of the crowd-funding initiative, what is involved and why I choose to participate in it.

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Thank You! March 2019


Thank you to those of you who make one off or regular donations to me. Every donation is appreciated and I feel so grateful for the donations you give that contribute to me being able to volunteer full time for two organisations (Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd.) that I whole heartedly believe in.

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Update: Experiment Self-Responsibility, January to February 2019

In the introductory post to ‘experiment self-responsibility I introduced readers to a family experiment I have begun.

To read the introductory post press this link.

In brief there are some issues in our family that were not changing and I made the decision to take action to change them. This is because in our family conversations and talking makes no change, it is only action that anyone responds to.

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Reflections: Childbirth

Reflections on the birthing process

In my experience birth is a natural process that ‘just happens’ if you let it. When I say ‘just happens’ the inbuilt intelligence (instinct) in my body took over during the birthing process and did what it was designed to do, have a baby. This was the same with pregnancy, I had sex and then a whole lot of amazing processes happened that allowed a baby human’s physical body to grow and develop inside my body for 9 months.

God did the designing and creating and I experienced His incredible handiwork and still do not understand exactly how everything was created, developed and happened.

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