Welcome to this blog.

My name is Eloisa.

The purpose of this blog is to share myself, the experiences I have, the experiments I conduct implementing Principle’s of God’s Truth* and exploring my self expression.

I live in rural Queensland Australia. I am privileged to be learning about love as a parent of three children (who perfectly reflect where I am at in terms of love each moment of the day).

I was introduced to Jesus & Mary and the teachings of Divine Truth in 2009. It took me a while (around a year) to actually open up and experiment with Principles of God’s Truth. Once I got through the initial resistance I couldn’t stop asking questions and haven’t stopped experimenting since.

I have felt challenged over the years by what I found within myself emotionally and I often struggled with feeling what I felt and being what I be all the time. Over the years I have become less judgemental of myself and more familiar with my emotional expression. Now I feel my emotions when they come up as I know that emotional change is the only permanent real change there is (note: I mostly embrace my emotions but there are still some that I put off and resist).

I feel relieved and grateful to have the tools on How to receive God’s Love & know that the discovery of truth about myself & developing a relationship with God is a certain way to change in a positive direction. Relationship with God is also the way to find out answers to EVERY question in the universe on every single subject.

As I have my own experiences my faith in God & God’s Way grows.

As Jesus says, “God is Good” & “God’s Love Rules the universe”.

I believe that living God’s Way with all my heart is a noble desire and one that I want to fulfill so that I can live a different way than the world’s way. I aspire to live by God’s Truth and live God’s Reality rather than the human (my personal) construction I currently suffer within.

I used to live on a sheep and cattle station with my ex-husband. The station produced superfine merino wool and meat (beef & lamb/mutton). It took us five years to give up enough of our addictions and unloving desires to be open enough to explore other desires.

I found that I wanted to do anything I could to support the sharing of God’s Truth with the world. As a family we moved from New South Wales to Queensland in December 2015.

Under Jesus’ direction a group of friends with the common goal to see God’s Way become a reality on earth set up a not-for-profit organisation called God’s Way Ltd.

God’s Way Ltd is dedicated to finding & sharing God’s Way in relation to all things. The organisation practically applies the teachings of Divine Truth with the aspiration that the organisations members become living examples of God’s Way on Earth.

I feel I have been given so many gifts in my life and I enjoy sharing what I learn with others. I have found the personal feedback I have received has changed my life. I hope by being transparent I can pass on some of the love, truth, guidance, help and information I have received over the past ten years of my life (thank you Jesus & Mary for the abundant gifts to give to myself and all those who are interested to know more about Divine Truth!).

God’s Truth is changing my life positively. The more I sincerely apply Principle’s of God’s Truth in my daily life the better life becomes.

This blog contains reflections on my experiences, emotions, thoughts, observations, realisations, desires and what I have learned about God’s Way, myself, the world or life in general on all manner of subjects (as well as anything else that pops up that I feel inspired to write about). It is also a platform to experiment with my self expression and sharing myself.

Please keep in mind that I continuously learn new things and as I grow, change and learn more about Love and God’s Truth my opinions and feelings will also change.

I do not delete content on this blog as I want it to be a true reflection of the changes I make over my life time. I feel it is important to be transparent and open with what is going on, where I have come from and where I am at at any given time. I suspect my feelings, thoughts, beliefs and opinions will change as I give up my current soul condition and learn more about how God does things & feels about what I do.

Love From,



22.12.2016 Eloisa

*God’s Truth as taught by Jesus & Mary Magdalene (AJ Miller & Mary Luck) via Divine Truth (www.divinetruth.com ).

**For More information on Principle’s of God’s Truth visit www.divinetruth.com

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