Poem: Humans, Animals, Environment

We want what we want
We want it right now
We choose what we choose ‘cos we selfishly can

We want to have pets, domesticated animals, furry, large, small, handbag sized, at times used to accessorize.
Used for comfort, grossly adored, can do no wrong (sounds like some parent’s relationships with a child).
Excused for the murder of other species, their killer claws
Along with the human contribution leads to species extinction.

Special treatment for pets
‘Cos it’s ‘cute’, it’s ‘mine’, it feeds my addictions, it’s a ‘pet’, I’m selfish, I want what I want.

Pets get special treatment as they collectively murder their way through millions of smaller and native animals each year.
Pets reflect their owners selfishness, entitlement and superiority (among other things).
In humans minds pets are above other species, more special
Used as substitutes to fill in gaps and make the owner ‘happy’ regardless of the pets welfare.

Where is the responsible pet owner?

The one who works their the emotional reasons why they have unloving demands on animals and the environment.

Thr one who ensures their pet is restricted
Is kept contained so it can’t prowl, chase, worry, terrorise, maim, kill
Ensure it cannot harm other species
(It is common knowledge that pets kill).

Native fauna species more delicate, timid, slower to reproduce
Some rapidly come to the brink of extinction as their habitat is destroyed and recedes due to humanities addictions, the demand to eat meat, as land is cleared, burnt, slashed and those places that make the best homes and safe havens are destroyed

As the pets are kept cosy, no worries in the world (except the unloving demands of their owners).
The native animals suffer, being forced to work harder and harder to survive.
Habitat loss, human created disasters like fire cause destruction, native species are exposed to disease, culled, killed
Because pets and domestic animals are superior in the hearts of humans.

The animals that are endemic
Who have lived for many centuries on an island surrounded by seas are now out of balance, homeless, isolated, tortured, attempting to survive in less than ideal conditions.

That humans overlook the decimation and degradation of their collective creations.
Humans speaks up for their right to be unloving to other humans and animals. Ignoring their custodianship of looking after all creatures and the natural environment with equality.
Human desire for pets is one part of the problem and still pet owners defend their selfish decision to contribute to environmental destruction.
Humans are directly and indirectly responsible for the murder of millions of native species each year which is justified in order to get comfort and addictive fixes met.

Humans defend killer pets with no thought for those being attacked in the wild
Who cares for the vulnerable species? Those at the mercy of humanities collective selfish choices that values pets above all other creatures (and sometimes humans).

As the wild ones cry out or quiver in fear or die due to habitat loss and pollution.
Are burnt out, culled, eradicated
Treated with no equality.

As humans and domesticated animals take up more and more space.
As the introduced animals eat their way through imported pasture at the expense of native flora and fauna.

As humans take and consume and take some more with no consideration for the insects, the small and the sensitive, the larger species who rely on said insects.
With no consideration that there are species who lie dormant waiting for the perfect conditions to occur so they can flourish and fulfill their purpose.
With no consideration for the part they play in the chain of events
Humanity leaves it to ‘others’ as if the destruction of the natural environment is someone else’s problem
A thing outside themselves, removed, at arms length that doesn’t affect them as long as they still get what they want… instantly.

But consider a future where what is destroyed cannot be replaced
Those creatures that are national ‘treasures’ are so rare that some cease to exist.
And consider the feeling of when we realise we could have done something different,
Could have changed something,
Could have made a difference if only we had not been so selfish, so entitled
So wrapped up in our self absorbed lives,
So intent on our decision not to love.

We will then feel the pain of all the seemingly small decisions we made that got us to this moment where our own survival is threatened.
Where we cannot grow enough to consume.
Where the soil cannot sustain life due to its depletion and the imported fertilizers like overused drugs no long work
The soil like a recovering drug addict whose natural bodily systems are all askew will need to purge, re balance and build a new.
The destruction is easy, fast, obliterates all that stands in its path.

Regeneration is slow, expensive, hard and tiring work,
Satisfying and rewarding yes,
But only to those who know the weight of their contribution to the suffering of the planet and their personal choices that contributed to the fast, effective, rapid, methodical, deliberate destruction of this Earth.

Those who say ‘no more, we must change and come to live differently’ are met with ridicule told they are ‘over reacting’ .

Those who act and truly make a difference are often attacked or go unacknowledged. Yet it is these individuals who have the courage to stand and act differently who will eventually be seen, will lead the change, be the change that inspires others.

Yet like the frog in the pot heating up so slowly it doesn’t realise it’s being cooked, we acclimatize to the modified more terrible and destroyed condition.
We look the other way, make further excuses, justify more destruction, are illogical in the so called ‘solutions’ many of which cause further decimation.

More fires are lit, burning off is condoned even if we say we ‘disagree’
We tacitly approve by wanting what we want, it’s not real, ‘just bad luck for others’, until it affects us personally.
Leave it to others to make the changes we feel ‘it’s too hard for me to make’.

Photo by Serena Koi on Pexels.com

Or sometimes we don’t think about it at all
Caught up in a frenzy of our own addictive desires.
We skip or scroll to the next page and get some entertainment or view something less disturbing than the burnt koalas suffering after bush fires lit by man.
Something that makes us feel less depressed than the national species extinction statistics list.
We flick to something that makes us feel less helpless than the fact that bio diversity has plummeted and is in crisis.
We find another thing to read other than the statistics on the millions of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, and other native species who are eaten every year by all the collective pet cats.

The cat is not the only pet that creates problems.
It is just the starting point one of many problems that very few people want to sincerely resolve the cause of,
Preferring to deal with effects rather than seeking permanent love based solutions,
Or we complain and bemoan what ‘other’s’ have done,
Rather than assessing our personal contributions.

Pets and domesticated animals are classed by many as more valuable than those in the wild (some pets are even more valued than humans).
But how can you place more value on one creature than another?
When one truly feels, all are equal and worthy in their diverse individuality.
There is no greater value that’s just it,
The inequality is an injury in collective humanity,
It is a reflection of the desire for our addictions,
An issue of not making a decision to love.

Humans are meant to be the guardians of the Earth.
But we abdicate our role, do not consider the pain of living in disharmony with Love & Law
Nor the joy and discovery of living in harmony with Love & Law.
We lack appreciation for the gifts, love and diversity of what God has created,
Rather we leave a highway of destruction and degradation.

And so to the pets (poor things used for human whims and addictions), when you are captured and caged,
When you are no longer thought superior,
When you are of equal value to all creatures, will you balance out?

And when the soul desires of collective humanity changes what will you reflect then?
How will it be when you are no longer top dog or cat?
When your owner doesn’t want to take you back?

Humans are the problem not the pets themselves.
Humans selfish desires cause the pain and suffering yet the blame seems to always fall somewhere other than with yourself.

We must open our eyes, our heart, our soul, it’s our attitude humans that is super uncool.
Yes we have ‘reasons’ justifications galore,
But when it comes down to it, it’s our selfish choice for more.

We choose to love or we choose to not,
That is our decision the most important we’ll make.

Eloisa, 21 December 2020, 3.30am

Note: This poem is a splurge of thoughts & feelings about the state of the environment and how unloving humanity is in our collective desire to take rather than love.

It is also about humanities attitude to pets and domesticated animals which we value more than other animal species for various reasons (all selfish in nature).

It is about the lack of love and connection most people have towards the environment and how addictions (both physical and emotional) cause rapid and methodical destruction of the environment.

At some point we will each personally need to choose love, choose to stop the degradation and the fastest most effective way will be to give up our addictions emotionally.

There are simple solutions that if the entire world decided to take action on there would be less environmental destruction in the world within a few weeks.

The decision to love or to remain selfish is ours.

Thanks to pexels.com for the photos of animals in this post.