Divine Truth Living

This page and the sub-pages that come off it are all to do with Living the Principles of God’s Truth in Every day life.

To find out What is Divine Truth? click on the following link. It gives detailed information concisely delivered and periodically updated.

At the moment there are two sub-pages: ‘Learning to be a Parent’, and ‘Education’.

Both of these areas I am interested in. All pages include my personal experiences and learnings. There will be various suggestions of ‘what not to do’, what didn’t work and also things that I have experimented with and now feel certain that work and have changed our life in a positive way. The purpose of putting them up is I hope to encourage personal experimentation and to give some of the things a go, with sincerity, so you can see if they change your life positively too. This is totally optional and entirely up to your personal desire.

The ‘Learning about Love in regards to “parenting”‘ page has useful resources to help your personal investigation to be a parent as God intended. I use the term ‘parent’ loosely here, the truth is that God is our real parent and we are just caring for younger souls with the beautiful opportunity to learn about love and share what we have have learnt about love in the process. So these will be resources that I have found really helpful either God’s Truth on the matter, or things that have helped my personal understanding and aided me to feel through or realise issues within myself that need to be changed in order to Love in a real way.

All the information relates to you personally if you choose to engage this. This is the beauty of God’s Way! It is about Me/You and the choices I/You make, and yes I/you can contribute and change the world. What a wonderful relief that it is not up to everybody else!! smile.

The ‘Education’ page is in it’s infant stages. At the moment I will be posting inspiring and interesting articles or information I am discovering on schools and people doing interesting things within system. It will also include posts about my personal thoughts and feelings, discoveries and experiments with re-education of myself in Love and the desire I have to bring Principles of Divine Truth into the mainstream education system. An education system which teaches and begins with Love and Truth I feel is a very exciting and a very real possibility…


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