Creative Expression

This area on the blog is to share various areas of creative expression I am exploring, or have pursued in the past.

So far this includes:

Poetry & Writing

Self expression via the written word including poetry, prose and various other written mediums.

*Please note that the poetry and writing shared on this blog is not necessarily based on God’s Truth (it might be at times and as I progress in love). It often reflects my injured view of love and my unhealed emotions. Sharing my feelings and thoughts via the written word is an experiment with the intention to expose emotions within me to myself, while exploring my creative self expression and what I enjoy and like. I would like to know more about my entire soul’s passions, desires, creative and self expression.


2013-2014 shoes I made


From the ‘ImpracticallyPRETTY’ Collection. Completed 20130805

Note: All of what is shared on the Creative Expression pages  has educated me about desire both loving and unloving. I have also discovered much about myself through the process of self expression.

*Thanks to for the photo under the poetry and writing heading.

Other photos on this page taken by Eloisa