Poem: Untitled

I wait

Neither forward nor back.

‘Keep acting’ I whisper in the darkness
But act on what?
I sense the problem, I feel the pain, I feel unclear on the next steps to take.

Keep acting in harmony with love
Come to know in your heart
The Truth
What love is, does, feels like.

Love doesn’t always match up with the worlds way
So don’t presume to know what is not yet in your heart.

Be where you’re at
Quit over thinking that.

Find the methods you use to avoid emotion,
Give them up
Feel, let them out.

I am who I am
I do what I do
I say what I feel
I think what I think
I be what I be

Let myself free
And One day…
It will be you and me

Eloisa, 17 January 2021, 4:00 am

Thanks to pexels.com for the image in this post