Thoughts: Soulmate Relationship

Written on 15 December 2020

I think about soulmates a lot, especially mine. The concept that there is only one other person in the world who makes up our soul (one soul, two physical bodies, two spirit bodies).

Why did God create soulmates? I don’t know all the reasons exactly, but I like the idea that we have a mate/best friend to share with, to explore and learn about the universe and everything inside and outside said universe.

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Partner Relationships: Reflections on Divorce & Relationships, Part 1

Reflections on relationships

Relationships can be the source of great joy, happiness, connection, learning & discovery. Relationships (between adults*) can also expose pain, heartache, anxiety, addictions etc. Pain in relationships occurs when love and truth come secondary to the desire for facade, addictions, codependency, barter. When the pain is exposed and there are unresolved issues in the mix it is tempting to blame the other party rather than look in the mirror at ourselves and what we contributed to the relationship dynamic. 

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Parent Reflections: Sex & Relationship Education

This post was written 30 May 2018 but didn’t get published till now (December 2020).

Curiosity is a quality that leads to the discovery of new things. And personal experience is a most memorable teacher. Depending on personal choice (and often external influences) curiosity can either lead to positive growth towards love or can take us in the opposite direction – away from love. As a parent there are many opportunities to be a positive influence in a child’s/children’s life and simultaneously learn about love or our lack of it, as children ask questions and seek answers.

In our family, when the children’s curiosity naturally brought them to ask about sex I saw an opportunity and the potential for a truthful discussion about loving relationships and a variety of other topics, including: love, soulmates, soulmate romantic relationships, morality, sexuality, emotional connection, love and respecting their bodies and the nuts and bolts of the sex act itself (taking into account the children’s desire to know and my understanding of those subjects at the time).

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