Update: Eloisa December, 2020

The end of another year is upon us. For me time has flown and it is hard to believe how much has happened in 365 days.

This is a brief update on some of the main activities, events I have been involved in during 2020.

Wattle in flower, God’s Way Ltd Function Learning Centre, Cushnie QLD Australia

Volunteering for God’s Way Ltd

This year the majority of my time was spent as a volunteer (member & director) for God’s Way organisation. I really enjoy being a volunteer (includes: role as a member, director & secretary of the organisation) and have had the opportunity to learn new skills and Principles of God’s Truth while I participated in the organisations projects.

Over the past two years my focus has been on learning to be a manager (of projects and volunteers) within the organisation. This has involved learning as many skills as possible in order that I understand how to oversee the day to day running of God’s Way Ltd operations, projects & volunteers. More information on God’s Way Ltd can be found on the God’s Way Ltd website and at the following links:
God’s Way Ltd Annual Report
God’s Way Ltd Project Information
Activity Reports

Reflections on being a volunteer

I love the aims and objectives of the organisation and I love all the projects that the organisation has going on. I also hope to be of service in anyway I can be to Divine Truth Pty Ltd in order to support the sharing of Divine Truth material and do anything to aid Jesus and Mary personally to share more Truth with the world.

I passionately believe that The Truth will set each of us free and that the more information about Love, Truth and God’s Way that can be shared with humanity the more potential there is for positive change in this world. So in anyway I possibly can I would like to contribute to aid those who teach and have experience of God’s Way to share more.

Over the past years being a volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation I feel has been a wonderful gift and an opportunity to become educated in many new processes and skills. I am sincerely grateful to both Jesus and Mary for investing their time, expertise and resources in educating myself (and others) and for the time they have taken to train me in many areas of the organisations operations, projects & management etc. I hope that I may be of service to others in the future and pay forward what I have personally learned.


I am grateful to everyone who has donated to me during the year. I appreciate all of your donations and the many non monetary gifts that I have received this year.

It is amazing to receive donations for being a volunteer for God’s Way Ltd, an organisation with noble objectives that I love wholeheartedly. It is such a gift to be involved in things I love doing every day and to receive some donations for doing so.

Thank you and I wish you all the best for 2021.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary

Jesus and Mary work on both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation projects. They gift mentorship, feedback, Truth & Love to those involved in the organisation as well as to others who are interested in God’s Truth (including the rest of the world). Jesus’ vision, creation and management of God’s Way Ltd projects is remarkable. Jesus oversees all Branch projects and project managers.

My sincere thanks and gratitude go to Jesus & Mary for mentoring and training me (and others) in all manner of areas including: God’s Way Ltd company operations, project and volunteer management, sharing information etc during the year. I am most grateful for their time, expertise and the love that they gift to every person they meet including volunteers (and myself).

Jesus and Mary have been working on editing Divine Truth audio and video material for the 2019 Assistance Group, Understanding Sin & It’s Causes this year, more information about their activities can be found in their December update at this link. They have had no volunteer help in the production of Divine Truth material this year, instead they have been diligently chipping away, and are still spending many hours per week on the task in order to share the Truth’s about God, Love & sin (among many other topics) with the world.

I am grateful to Jesus & Mary for their lived example of loving possibilities and living God’s Way.

Photos of flora at God’s Way Ltd Learning Centres

Changes to donation details

Please note that some of the details on my donation page have changed. Anyone who currently makes donations please note that my personal bank account details have changed.

Now that I have set up a company (Love Truth Pty Ltd), I will be shutting down my sole trader business.

Thus the bank account details on the donations page have changed. Please would you update any automatic payment details that you are currently using to the new details that can be found on the Dear God… Donate page/s.

Personal donations to Eloisa

If you would like to donate to me personally my personal donations details can be found on the Donate page on the Dear God… website.

My personal Transferwise details remain the same. The details can be found on the Dear God… Donate page

Donations to Love Truth Pty Ltd

If you would like to donate to Love Truth Pty Ltd donation details can be found on the Donate Love Truth Pty Ltd page on the drop down menu under the Dear God… Donate page.

There are new Transferwise details for Love Truth Pty Ltd that can be found on the Donate Love Truth Pty Ltd page

Once again, I sincerely thank you for your donations.

Eucalyptus in flower at God’s Way Ltd Environment Learning Centre

Personal life events

Both my work and personal life have been full of opportunities to learn more about myself and God’s Truth over the past year (I feel this will be the case every year for the rest of my existence).

I am not always humble to God’s Process. Earlier this year I became ill due to not feeling through my resistance to some personal truth, (the denial of my emotions I had been putting off for a long time manifested the illness). Though I am no longer ill (I worked through the resistance), I still have not resolved the causal emotions within me and will be working through them for however long that takes.

This year it was made clear that I use work as a way to get away from some painful feelings I have within myself about my self. At times I use work to get a sense of worth and I choose to be busy in order to avoid feeling various emotions. I now attempt to make time for both work and give myself time to rest and get to know my emotional self better. This is an ongoing endeavour, one which I will keep chipping away at.

Acting on my soul passions & desires

After some feedback it has been brought to my attention that I have avoided taking action on some very important areas of my life, namely taking self-responsibility for sharing my soul passions and desires with the world. God’s Way Ltd offers many opportunities to discover and explore passions and desires I didn’t know I had, and areas I didn’t realise I was interested in (all of the organisations projects I truly love).

There are some important passions that I have avoided and have not taken further action on (to avoid feeling some uncomfortable emotions). So this year as well as being a volunteer for God’s Way Ltd I will make time to create some material of my own. I desire to create in the areas of applying Principles of Divine Truth to Parenting and teaching/education systems. In my daily life I have talked about these subjects, and now it is time to take some action.

I will not elaborate too much in this post as I intend to dedicate time and effort to the programmes and write up a post once I have a firm plan. For now lets just say I am working on the material and my emotional resistance to my personal soul’s passions and creation.

New company set up: Love Truth Pty Ltd

I have set up a company, called Love Truth Pty Ltd, that will be the platform for the programmes I create. The IP (Intellectual Property) will be created by Love Truth Pty Ltd. All IP will be shared with the world for free and the company will subsist on donations. The programmes will no doubt be refined and modified with time. I also intend the IP to be gifted to God’s Way Ltd.

If you would like to donate to the programmes, details on how to do so can be found on the Donate Love & Truth Pty Ltd Page (on drop down menu under Donate on the Dear God… site). A new website will be set up solely for the programme/s that will be created, more information will be announced when the blog/website goes public.

My time over the coming months will be dedicated between design, planning and creation of a structure for programmes and volunteering for God’s Way Ltd. My initial focus is the creation of a programme that applies Divine Truth Principles to parenting. The design, planning and structure phase is taking some time as I have various emotional issues with the process that I am working through as they come up.

The more time I spend thinking the more I realise how important structure and good planning are in order that the programme is effective. I see that I have issues with wanting my creation to be ‘perfect’ before I share them, or I want to launch mid way with something that is not totally complete – both of these are not helpful places to remain nor loving to those who may be interested in applying the programme. As the programme is something totally new modifications and refinements will be required once it goes public, I will do this as I receive feedback.

I don’t want to write too much more about my plans, as I need to act rather than talk about them. I often talk, but words are cheap. So once I have firmer plans and more solid creations I will share those with you.

Native flora in flower at God’s Way Ltd Function Learning Centre

Experiment Self-Responsibility

Though I have not written an update about operation self-responsibility. This experiment is still ongoing between the children and I. I hope to get a blog update dedicated solely to the experiment in the new year. Over the year I have enjoyed watching the children become more physically independent and this spilled over into other parts of their lives, e.g. school.

I have also observed the children making decisions based more on their desires and interests over the past year, though they continue to reflect injured beliefs (from their parents) in the area of acting on their desires wholeheartedly.

Jesus gifted the children and I some important truth: Do we want to make the decision to love others or not? Paraphrased, he spoke to us about whether we desired to love or to be loved. The children could see that their attitude had been to blame and remain angry about their situation (see experiment self-responsibility posts for more information) rather than taking responsibility for the decisions they were making. Including their decision to love or not and the consequences of their choices. Since having this conversation we (children and I) have been enjoying each others company more and I focus on the decision to love in all situations that happen within the family. This cuts to the quick so to speak of a lot of issues and promotes self reflection if the individual desires to engage it.

Relationship status

I have not shared much about my personal life publicly until recently (December 2020). As I mentioned in a recent post Peter and I were divorced in July 2019. This was a decision that was made after a number of years attempting to work out the issues in the relationship. It finally came down to the main problem being that I was aiming for more Truth in our relationship and Peter didn’t want personal truth for various reasons. There was a lot exposed for me in going through the process of ending the relationship and there were many nuances and things to resolve which I will not go into detail about in this update.

I feel if both parties in a relationship are aiming for love and truth many things that are ‘problem’s’ can be resolved. But when one or both parties do not desire more truth then the relationship is going to break down at some point because it is not in harmony with love and that must be resolved if the relationship is going to grow, flourish and be a close and connected one.

I am still finding emotions within myself to be worked through in regards to why the marriage ended. During the separation and final divorce procedures I learned a lot about myself, my past history, what love is not and my unloving demands and desires. I have a written a post on my reflections on relationships and divorce at this link. There is more emotion, false beliefs and issues for me to work through and I trust this will happen over time.

World events

There have been various events over this year that have reflected humanities collective condition and unloving attitudes. These events have also been an opportunity to look at our addictions and areas that we are individually and collectively out of harmony with love, truth and God’s Laws.

Environmental distress (Eloisa’s thoughts)

Bush fires, species extinction, mass land clearing and various other issues are causing terrible environmental damage.

When these issues affect us personally we take more notice but it seems to me that until it gets personal no one takes much notice and keeps acting in their addictions (selfishness).

I feel the most effective way to make positive change is to develop a relationship with God and come to make the decision to love others, self and the environment. It is also possible to learn to love via our personal decision, aspiration and effort (Natural love). This is going to have the most rapid and lasting positive effects on the world. This is not everyone’s desire, it does take time effort, desire and sincerity to change. I know that I have far to go in order to become a truly loving person and I appreciate the effort it takes. I also feel that the decision to love is the most effective way to make permanent and rapid change. It also brings true personal happiness as a natural result of engaging the process.

It is people’s selfish motivations that cause the degradation of the environment, and cause us to choose to harm rather than love other people and ourselves.

There are loving solutions that could have rapid positive effects in the world within months if they were sincerely applied. For example: giving up personal addictions that create the desire to be unloving to others. Giving up addictions that contribute to the destruction of the environment e.g. being more aware and using less power, giving up the desire to eat meat, land clearing and destruction of the environment, why there is a desire to own pets and why non-native animals were introduced to Australia. We are collectively responsible for what happens in the natural environment and it will take dedicated time and effort to make the changes required for the Earth to heal.

This year it was highlighted that the reduction of pollution (due to COVID-19 various industries production was limited) had a positive effect on the natural environment which showed signs of improvement in a very short time e.g. air pollution lessening. This is an example of change that is possible in a short amount of time.

The opportunity exists to reappraise all systems, industries and social structures and come up with methods and alternative solutions, on how the world is currently run, there are alternative solutions to what we are currently doing. It is not necessarily easy and would take thought, time and co-operation, and a desire in collective humanity to learn about what love would do in order to make loving change in the world. Though I do not have solid answers for every area or situation in the world (I do have ideas for solutions for some areas), I do believe it is possible and I do feel that change needs to occur now.

Final thoughts

The world events of 2020 have highlighted opportunities to learn about love, give up addictions, engage more with other people and to find out more truth about ourselves, others and the environment.

Information is required in order to gain an education in love. I have found the following information to be helpful for this, Divine Truth Assistance Groups Playlist (Education in Love)

I wish you all the best for the new year.

With love and gratitude,



Further information and links to Divine Truth resources

  1. Link here to information from the Nature Conservancy Australia about bush fires in Australia this year.

2. Jesus and Mary posted a personal update (link here) recently on Mary’s blog. They had some interesting things to say about bush fires and world events over the past year. Visit this link if you are interested in reading more about their thoughts.

Extract from Jesus & Mary’s update:

Our location [Wilkesdale] was not directly impacted by the fires that received so much media coverage [In Australia] and abroad. We do live in an area where smaller fires are a regular occurrence mainly due to deliberately lit fires by farmers who use it as a ‘land management’ strategy. None of those fires affected our personal lives aside from dealing with the smoke pollution.

Sadly, the damaging environmental impact and risks of fire are still largely being disregarded by land owners worldwide. For every 100kg of matter burnt, around 98kg is carbon dioxide which enters the atmosphere which further adds to global warming. Queensland also has one of the highest land clearing rates in the world, which results in the destruction of native wildlife, insects, vegetation, habitat, and ground cover, along with causing loss of topsoil, soil erosion and many other problems.

The massive bush fires here in Australia over our last summer (December 2019 – February 2020) were also tragic. The changing climate and weather patterns will make the loss of native wildlife and habitat due to fire, ordinarily so incredibly difficult to recover, that much harder.

Australian flora and fauna exists in a delicate balance. In reality, most natural environments do. However Australian plants and animals have adapted to living in very specific conditions during long difficult dry periods. Once established they can be hardy, but the establishment of new fauna takes a long time. Many Australian species are endemic, only existing on this continent. When disruption occurs, insects, plants, animals and microbial life are thrown out of balance, which results in extinction of already endangered native fauna and flora and domination of the environment by introduced species. In Australia, European settlement only began a little over 200 years ago. The introduction of hoofed animals, along with European farming and land clearing techniques and practices, have severely impacted our environment in a relatively short time.

To quote Nature Conservancy Australia:

“Early studies found Australian fires (in early 2020) burnt through more than 80% of the known habitat of 49 threatened species. And at least 50% of the habitat of another 65 threatened species have been affected. […] Australia already has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world.”

Nature Conservancy Australia, 2020

Jesus and I [Mary] feel passionately about preserving the natural environment and [we] are continually experimenting with ways to regenerate the land in harmony with God’s Laws, here on our home property, and also on properties owned by the God’s Way organisation.

In recent years, while individuals and societies laud people who speak up or protest against governmental environment and climate policies, very few people are actually willing to take action in their personal lives to repair environmental damage commensurate to what they have created through their own lifestyle, let alone the damage that has been caused historically. Protesting does next to nothing and takes hardly any effort. Repairing environments takes much more sincere effort, time, consideration, and resources and often involves experimentation and innovation. Most people are unwilling to engage this process and yet express frustration at their governments who are only reflecting the same attitudes as themselves.

We [Jesus & Mary] try to share what we are experimenting with and learning about via the God’s Way Ltd blog. However we are still in the learning phase of many experiments and we have very few volunteers to help share what we have learned so far. Hopefully in the years to come we will be able to share more of this kind of information. There are many projects happening, but few details are being published because of the time pressures on current God’s Way members.

Of course, a personal relationship with God and individual development in Love and Truth is what helps people to develop other loving desires, such as the desire to care for God’s Creations and work in harmony with God’s existing restorative processes. This is why our primary focus remains on sharing information to assist people in those first endeavours.

As inhabitants of first world countries, we [collectively] have many emotions of entitlement which directly impact upon the natural world, which include:

  • A desire to consume rather than to give, improve, and to nurture
  • A desire to just feel the illusion of being good, rather than actually be moral, ethical, responsible or loving
  • Disconnection from God’s Creation and Laws due to lifestyle choice, living location, selfishness, and other emotions
  • Opposition to gaining wisdom by observing God’s Creation and Laws, due to anger at authority, anger about law, desiring to be self absorbed, self indulgent, our own law maker, and other similar emotions
  • Opposition to hard work and creation in harmony with God’s Laws due to a desire to have large gains from little effort
  • A lack of care and hardened heart towards the environmental consequences created through the personal avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure at any cost

There are many more principles we [Jesus & Mary] would like to discuss and share about what it means to truly love and care for the natural world and the pitfalls and errors involved in many common approaches to ‘conservation’. A source of frustration for us [Jesus & Mary] this year has been that, due to technical tasks, especially the ongoing editing of the last Assistance Group, we [Jesus & Mary] have been unable to make new recordings to discuss these and many other matters.

Divine Truth Assistance Groups playlist

Assistance Group 2014 NSW Australia Group 1

Assistance Group 2014 NSW Australia Group 2

Education in Love Developing my Will to Love Group 1.1

Education in Love Developing my Will to Love Group 1.2

Education in Love Developing My Loving Self Group 2.1

Education in Love Developing My Loving Self Group 2.2

Education in Love Understanding God’s Loving Laws Self Group 3.1

Education in Love Understanding God’s Loving Laws Group 3.2

Education in Love Understanding Sin & It’s Causes Group 4.1

Education in Love Understanding Sin & It’s Causes Group 4.2

Jesus and Mary are currently working on producing it.