Poem: fear (to be felt & released)


when unfelt, fear may become
Permeates into all areas of life

Fear monster is fed, allowed, encouraged

The sin of living in fear
Of acting in fear
Of doing anything other than feeling through the fear harms
makes us selfish,
self absorbed,

Results of living in and acting in fear:
All kinds of dysfunction
Power play and power dynamics
the list goes on etc.

Often paid lip service, as a preference to rage or grief
Prefer it
Covert it
Feed it
Hold it dear
Look to it
Let it dictate our lives
Make our decisions

Fear makes us

Fear causes anxiety
Keeps us small
Makes more and more messes
Creates pain, suffering
One unloving choice at a time

Fear can never be justified
It is never a good reason
It always results in bad or worse outcomes

Fear is a pandemic in this world

If we agree in our hearts and souls with fear
We will act upon it every time
We must change our soul
Our (false) beliefs about fear (e.g. that fear is a good thing)

A new way
The possibility of a fear free world
We must
Feel it all

Emotional change is the only real lasting change

Give up fear
Feel it all the way through without acting upon it
Until not a scrap of fear remains in the heart
Extract it via emotional release

Then one will come to know oneself
Know others
Their heart, mind, deed

Without the insidious strands of fear that wrap around ones heart
Pulling themselves and others under
Drowning in the results of unloving decisions based on fear

Insidious because we tell ourselves lies
We skirt around truth
We have fear coloured eyes
Fear clouds our judgement
Fear consumes
Takes over
Dictates our life

Choice point

Continue to live in fear

Or make fear our friend,
A way to explore and find out more
About what’s under the surface,
what causes our fears

Time now is ripe to
release and to feel,
to set our hearts free from the bondage of fear

No longer agree
No longer bound
No longer dictated to

When we are fearless it will be the first time we will have ever really been free

To change we must feel and act in disharmony with fear,
When we do and are no longer bound by the fear we will come to know God’s Truth in our soul:
That love rules the universes and fear is a figment,
fear is merely false expectations that appear to be real…

Eloisa, 5 February 2021, 6.33am

***This poem was inspired after an informal discussion Jesus had with a group of people about fear and the far reaching negative consequences of living in fear rather than feeling through fear.

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