Mediumship with Gregor: Compensation in the Spirit World

Thank you to Jesus, Mary and Gregor for the gift of this mediumship.

Notes Along The Way

During a recent informal discussion with God’s Way Ltd members, volunteers and probation volunteers we spoke with a spirit, Gregor, about his progress in the spirit world. We had been discussing with the group how Compensation operates in the spirit world.

Jesus had explained that when we enter the spirit world a record of our lives is presented to us; literally played before our eyes. This record is displayed until the workings of the Law of Compensation are fulfilled or until the person engages the repentance process (via the Law of Repentance) with God.

Photos in this post are of lunch discussions on God’s Way Ltd volunteer days. Gregor came to visit and speak during one such discussion.


Mary channels Gregor, a fifth sphere spirit who describes his progress in the spirit world.

Gregor first describes his life on Earth, his location when he first arrived in the spirit…

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February 2019: Mediumship Experience

Written in February 2019, reflections on mediumship.

I am experimenting with mediumship skills.

God has given the ‘sense’ of mediumship as a gift to humanity in order that people on earth and in the spirit world can communicate with one another. This is a pretty awe inspiring possibility with a lot of wonderful potentials when the sense is used wisely. For example, when our motivations are ethical and moral and we desire to learn about love, truth and God’s Laws. Or we desire to love our brothers and sisters and bring about positive change.

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A message from Paul

Notes Along The Way

Recently I had the privilege to speak with an old friend of ours in the spirit world.

Jesus and I were discussing what we remembered of Paul and his life on earth and Jesus suggested I speak to Paul directly. Since, at the time, we had no capacity to record the mediumship session, I channeled directly on paper.

While I am usually shy to share messages that refer to our first century life or identities, I thought others may benefit from Paul’s message. I especially enjoyed how he expressed the impact receiving God’s Love has upon our gender injuries and his description of how first century healings took place.

My questions to Paul are in italics below and his responses in regular text.

Questions for Paul – 13th August, 2018

What was it like when Jesus appeared to you? (reference to Paul’s conversion)

I heard his voice in my head…

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Mediumship Blog Page

20131027 A Person in the Spirit World

20131027 A Person in the Spirit World

We have a new page on the blog called ‘Mediumship’. You can find the static page up the top in the menu bar or press on the link. This is a page that has audio uploads of various mediums including, Peter, Fabio Tolli, Susan Lytton-Hitchins & others channelling and various other people including Paul Simmons, Catherine Spence, Peter, Fabio talking to people who have died and are now in the spirit world about what they know, are learning and have heard about God’s Truth, the Great Experiment, connecting to God, how the spirit world works and hearing about those who have died’s experiences both on earth and in the the spirit world. Their aim is to share God’s Truth and then it is up to the individual if they choose to experiment with it and try it out or not.

It is such a gift to engage with Mediumship. We always feel we learn so much from our brothers and sisters in the spirit world who visit and engage with us.

‘Please bear in mind that it cannot be assumed that all mediumship is completely accurate, since the spiritual and emotional condition of the medium greatly determines the accuracy of mediumship. In fact, much of the mediumship will be influenced in its content by the belief systems and the emotional and spiritual condition of: the medium themselves, the person they were channeling, the influences (spiritual and on earth) surrounding them while channeling, and the general environment on the earth.

So, please take care in assuming all mediumship is accurate. It is presented here for your information.’*

We hope you enjoy listening to the audio files.

* Thanks Jesus and the Divine Truth Website for this disclaimer on Mediumship and it’s accuracy

Below are some of Eloisa’s impressions of the people who have visited and been channelled. Some look as they are at this time in the spirit world and some look as they did when they lived on Earth.

20131027  Laurie Foley

20131027 Laurie Foley

20131209 Rosetta

20131209 Rosetta

20131209 Rosetta

20131209 Rosetta

20131118 Steven

20131118 Steven

20131031 Thomas

20131031 Thomas

By Izabella & Eloisa

By Izabella & Eloisa