Thoughts from 2013: Putting Out Fires

Written on 20 August 2013, reflections on cause and effects in my life.

‘Putting out fires’ is a metaphor for the Law of Cause and Effect, or cleaning up after the errors in my soul/my emotional self rather than dealing with the cause and the events, feelings, triggers the Law of Attraction exposes in the moment.

Dealing with effects rather than the cause happens a lot in my life. I am constantly dealing with issues that result from either not dealing with the emotional cause and/or not taking action in the moment due to a whole heap of fears and or anger.

Example: I had an issue of wanting to placate angry people in order to control and suppress feeling my fear, an attempt to control and suppress their rage. I also wanted to control and suppress other emotions exposed in the situation in myself and others.

So if there was even a suspicion that anger could flare up I was automatically ‘making it okay’. This applied to small children of 3 years of age and younger as well as full grown adults of every age. I will be meeting the demand sometimes before it is even made externally. As all demands are emotional it is not surprising that I responded to projected feelings of others.

Some other examples; to avoid a tantrum or any display of anger I was cleaning up after the children rather than having a conflict in asking them to do it. I am filling in the gaps in all areas of my life to avoid conflict and to avoid feeling how I feel about having anger projected or overtly taken out on me.

These are examples of a lack of humility, it highlights my attempts to deal with effects not causes.

I have heard if I deal with the cause which would be feeling about why I am so scared of angry people, especially men, and I work through any emotions I have in relation to that, then effects will dissipate and the Law of Attraction will change in my life. Also how I feel will most importantly change which means I will no longer act in a reactionary, preventative manner towards emotion.

Dealing with effects is exhausting and nothing seems to change. It takes a lot of effort for very little result.

From the sounds of it dealing with causes completely, is a better option, more rapid and effective. This is an emotional experience which has emotional and physical benefits.

Links to Divine Truth information on The Law of Cause and Effect below.

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Images below from 2013: a fire and its effects on the land, Kyabra Station, a property in Kentucky NSW, Australia.

Smoke and fire

Smoke and fire travelling up a hill

The Sun turns red with the smoke

Smoke effects on the sun

Land burnt by fire

Scorched, blackened land after fire