February 2019: Mediumship Experience

Written in February 2019, reflections on mediumship.

I am experimenting with mediumship skills.

God has given the ‘sense’ of mediumship as a gift to humanity in order that people on earth and in the spirit world can communicate with one another. This is a pretty awe inspiring possibility with a lot of wonderful potentials when the sense is used wisely. For example, when our motivations are ethical and moral and we desire to learn about love, truth and God’s Laws. Or we desire to love our brothers and sisters and bring about positive change.

Mediumship has infinite potentials for good, but it can also be used for other reasons. For example to attempt to gain power and control over others; To make a person feel powerful or special because they know more or know things about other people that they can use to harm them.

Many scientists in the past have been connected with spirits in the spirit world and channeled ideas that have brought about benefits for all human kind.

Mediumship is speaking with spirits with full knowledge and the intention of doing so. This is different to spirit influence which could at times be very loosely associated as ‘unconscious’ mediumship.

I really enjoy when Jesus and Mary do mediumship and I feel excited and inspired to try it myself after each session I watch. Link to Jesus and Mary’s mediumship presentations here.

Jesus and Mary have done a presentation on how to grow mediumship skills Link here.
After being inspired I decided to do some experimenting for myself.

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Eloisa’s experiment with mediumship

I wanted to know who my guides were. I speak to them but did not trust the details such as names and life experiences. I felt my guides but got stuck on details due to doubting myself.

Mary suggested to me to feel my guides, to ask for a name and for my guides to give me feelings of confirmation if I was on the right track.

I began by asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions in order to feel when I received an answer and to keep it simple and factual.
I decided to find out my guide and guardian’s names (at time of writing, 2019, I still haven’t done so) but this is what I experimented with.

I was driving along in the car and asked for names, then got the feeling that I was too worried about getting it wrong. This was good feedback about an emotional block to why my mediumship skills were not developing and why I was not open to receiving answers.
I felt some emotions (what I refer to has had a cry) about this and decided to ask different questions to see if I could feel my guides feelings.

I asked:

  • How do you feel about God? (realized this was not a yes no question so rephrased it)
  • Do you love God?
  • Does God love you?

The feeling I received in response I can’t explain properly because words don’t express the amount of feeling and love my guides have for God or the feelings and amount of Love God has for them. It was an overwhelming feeling and exposed my personal grief at not feeling loved in my life and exposed feelings about the potential of how much love it is possible to feel and how this expands as we emotionally grow.

I then asked how my guides felt about me and if they loved me like God loves me. Their feelings were overwhelming about how much they care for and love me and how much they have my best interests at heart. As I was crying I got the feeling that what I was experiencing from them was a drop in the ocean in comparison to the extent that God loves me and that I am not even feeling the full expression of their love.

They wanted me to know that I am loved and that God loves every one of her children equally.
The contrast between their feelings of love and the lack of love currently in my life helped me to experience the difference in their feelings for me and my experience.

A bit later as I continued to chat to my guides I became aware of other spirits around me and I got another feeling, it was a full ‘happy’ feeling but it felt hollow in comparison to the feelings of love I had received from my guides.

I realized that there was another group of spirits around me who I connect with in order to ‘feel good’ when I want to avoid feeling sad. The feeling was not the same as the feelings of love that my guides have for me.

I loved doing the experiment, I learned that:

  • My feelings are an important way to feel spirits and people
  • I have emotional blocks to engaging clear mediumship communication
  • I have spirit friends around me who love me
  • I have spirits around me who are happy to help me avoid emotions if I desire this

If you are interested in experimenting with mediumship I have added some resources below for your personal investigation.

Divine Truth Resources
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Mediumship with Mary playlist (the best mediumship I have ever experienced. Mary is the medium & Jesus speaks to spirits)

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