November Update: Sold up and Moving on


November 2015, kids biking down front drive

We are excited to share with you that Kyabra Station is officially sold as of yesterday afternoon!

We have been really busy the last few months and it looks like we will continue to be so as we begin to plan and organise aspects of our future, as well as, pack up and sort out all the residue that is part of finalising the property sale, closing accounts and shutting down twenty years of business.

Pete and I are learning that doing things in harmony with Principles of God’s Truth, Love and God’s Laws makes life smoother and more simple. Dealing with past actions that we have taken and ‘tidying’ up family matters and company dealings that originated out of addictions and unloving desires has at times, been confronting, emotionally and physically painful and time consuming.

It is great to be getting everything sorted out, and beginning to find the causes for the issues being there in the first place. I feel this is very important for future business dealings. So though we have found aspects of this process challenging, there are many lessons of love to learn*, if we are open and willing to feel them.


20151117 overlooking tree lanes, Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW, Australia

Where to now?

For Eloisa and Peter:

For the next few weeks we will be staying on to help out with the transition of the property to the new owners, this also allows the kids time to finish up their school year neatly. This is a gift to all of us as it means we don’t have to rush to pack up and leave immediately and gives us the opportunity to fully sort out a few issues that still need to be tidied up about the place. It also gives the new people coming in a bit of extra time to find a new manager.

Once we leave we are looking forward to having a rest and beginning/furthering plans for some exciting future projects (more to come on this at )

It will be the first time in our life that there is not ‘something to do’ ALL the time and we look forward to creating a lifestyle that gives ourselves an environment that totally supports us feeling and growing our relationship with God and our own soul. I feel pretty in awe that this opportunity is being presented to us. A year ago I didn’t even realise this was a possibility. How cool is GOD!!!

As this is the last post I anticipate posting on the Kyabra Learning Centre’s blog page, I once again would like to remind you that if you would like to contact us in future our details are as follows:
Eloisa and Peter:



personal blog:

For Susan and Michael:

Susan and Michael are moving down to the Southern Highlands in NSW.

They can be contacted at the following:
Susan and Michael:




20151117 ‘Yabby Creek’, Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW, Australia

  • We are noticing that in times of stress, reminding ourselves of God’s Truth* on any given matter is super helpful and that when we keep feeling, that things are much smoother and feel better, even when initially they may have felt like a catastrophe. When we are resistant and don’t feel, the issues seem to get even bigger.

For more information on how to do this in relationships check out:

Check out how much grass is growing (in certain areas) here at the moment. We discovered a number of ‘lost’ or hiding sheep that literally couldn’t be seen for the grass cover!


20151117 grass on Trig Hill at the moment. Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW, Australia

October Update

Discovery Learning Centre

Discovery Learning Centre

Our life has been pretty busy over the last few months.

The main reason for this post is to let those of you who are interested know that due to changes in our life, that this website will not be in use for much longer and that Kyabra Station will soon belong to new people and so we will not be using this blog site anymore, and the Kentucky Learning Centre will no longer be in existence.

We are planning to still run a Learning Centre, it will just be in a different location with a different name. Our intentions and desires to have a place to demonstrate Principles of God’s Truth in action on Earth still remain the same!

We have another blog set up with all the information that is currently on this one, plus more. The Discovery Learning Centre Blog will be our site until we set up a website sometime in the future to cover all our planned endeavors.

Our new blog is:

and Peter and I are contactable on the following email address from now on:

I will put up a last post when the sale of Kyabra officially goes through, until then we wait, pack, plan and get ready for a whole new phase of our lives!

We are excited!! smile.

A little update of what has been going on over the last few months(there is more detailed information on the Discovery Learning Centre site):

Pete has been negotiating the sale of Kyabra Station and we are now awaiting approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board. If this goes through we are planning to leave Kentucky sometime in November and move to Wilkesdale, Queensland. The exact date will depend on how much consultation  with the new owners is needed in order to make the transition smooth.

We are packing up all our ‘stuff’ and by golly does there seem to be a lot. So now is a process of thinning out and giving away all the things we have no longer, need, want or have not used for years and packing and storing all the things that may be useful for our future endeavors.

We have been traveling between Queensland and NSW every few weeks for various planning meetings and have had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about God, God’s Truth, and God’s Love, and personal truth about ourselves, from our beautiful friends Jesus and Mary – we are so grateful for your advice and guidance – in all areas!

I am observing more and more God wanting to teach us all sorts of Truth’s and expose all manner of areas where we are out of harmony with love through the Law of Attraction, in every moment of our day. I am beginning to become more aware of this, particularly as we plan and engage changes in our lives.

The Law of Attraction is very precise and very clear, we are just not always accurately interpreting what God is trying to tell us due to our emotional injuries and sometimes just down right arrogance or desire to avoid listening because we don’t want to know for some reason. We are noticing when we react or act in the latter unloving ways, that things do not go smoothly or well for us. So Thanks God for continuously giving us the opportunity to change and for loving us enough to actually give us feedback and the opportunity to change constantly!! Life has the possibility to be truly incredible – ALL THE TIME! How exciting!

So on that note, have a wonderful week and for further information on our plans, future ideas and any future posts please visit our new site (link above).


There is a lot going on in our lives at the moment, including some potentially wonderful changes and I though I would send out an update with where we are all at.

Some of you may have heard that we have the property ‘Kyabra Station’ in Kentucky (aka The Kentucky Learning Centre) on the market to sell. This is true and the four of us (Peter, Susan, Michael and I) are hoping to sell as soon as possible.

20150504 For Sale Sign Kyabra Station
20150504 For Sale Sign Kyabra Station

When Kyabra Station sells our intentions are as follows:

Peter and I  (Eloisa) have purchased a small property in Wilkesdale, Queensland, which will be a base where we can keep our personal belongings, conduct experiments and come back to after periods of traveling, exploring and discovering. We would love to do projects in harmony with Principles of God’s Truth around Australia and overseas.

We will still be running a Learning Centre, it will just be in a different form than it is now.

What we learn, trial & discover we will share with others and this can be done wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We feel we kind of are the learning centre, smile, and so wherever we are we will continue to experiment, explore, discover and share our findings.

We will continue doing projects including environmental experiments and education programs in the future. We feel that we would like to be in more of a consulting role and travel more widely, sharing what we learn and any discoveries we make. We feel that we can only share what we have actually experienced and we feel that will grow with time and as we learn and discover more along the way.

Pete and I have a growing desire to begin to right the wrongs we have contributed to in the world due to the way we have chosen to live our lives so far. Particularly at this time in regards to what we have done to the children in our care, the environment and animals.

We would like to share our experiences of where we have come from, where we are right now and what we discover in the future in the hope that others may benefit from our experiences. We desire to share the up’s, downs, transitions, exciting things, challenges and resistance’s so that you may learn from our mistakes, if you desire to, and hopefully to demonstrate that real, lasting soul change is the most powerful change and is totally possible. We will include our personal discoveries of ‘how to’ in making those changes on our blogs and websites as we find out, ‘how to do it’ ourselves, smile.

We have begun a new Blog site that by the end of the year will become our main sharing medium for the future. You can check it out here, its called – Discovery Learning Centre:

It has everything from the ‘Kentucky Learning Centre’ on it and will have much more in the future from different places and spaces.

Our YouTube Channel is still the same:

And from now on we are contactable via:

Peter and Eloisa’s personal blog remains the same:

* * * * * * * *

Susan and Michael are planning to head back down to the Southern Highlands Bowral, NSW, area where they plan to live and run workshops and share information to do with Raw Food,  Animal Husbandry, saddlery and various other subjects they are interested in.

Susan still has her blog up and running and can be found at:

And both Michael and Susan are contactable at the following email address:

* * * * * * * * * *

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have donated financial gifts, your personal time, gifts in general, resources, and your expertise to us and the projects we have run at The Kentucky Learning Centre (Kyabra Station) over the past six years. Thank you for your support and contributions. We are really grateful!

Wilkesdale, Dec 31st, QLDP&E’s new place at Wilkesdale, Dec 31st, QLD

Living In Fear & the Freedom to Choose Differently

Thanks Mary and Jesus!

Notes Along The Way

The sad truth is that the entire world’s population lives in fear in some or all aspects of their lives.

Some of us acknowledge some of our fears some of the time. But seeing our fear doesn’t mean that we deal with it healthily. In fact, most of us feel justified in our fears and demand, be it covertly or overtly, that our environment and the people in our lives make allowances for our fear driven limitations.

Then there are those of us who live in complete denial of large amounts of fear about any number of things at any given time. Denial is a perceived sanctuary and many people reinforce the barricades of the castle and pull up the drawbridge over which truth may have passed. Routines and addictions mask any sensation of fear, numbness becomes the norm, and even though the supposed ‘sanctuary’ can feel cold and damp…

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I feel this is a beautiful quality that often gets a bad wrap.
I have noticed how often I have heard people being condemned for being emotionally ‘soft’, seen as ‘weak’. How often I/we have been praised for being emotionally ‘strong’ and opinionated (read not feeling my real feelings, numb, not expressing real feelings, stoic, etc). I notice that in Australasian Culture there are many sayings such as ‘go hard or go home’, ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘don’t be a pussy’ (I either think of vagina’s or fluffy cats), ‘toughen up’, ‘tough love’, ‘harden up, go drink a glass of concrete’, ‘don’t be a girl’ (I am one so this has always been a bit disconcerting as it has always felt like there is something wrong with me and half the world’s population)… There are so many and in the past I have either tried really hard to live up to these to gain approval or I have rebelled and been angry about it to avoid feeling the grief, sadness, loss and lack of emotional softness in my environment and self. If I am honest with myself I am really sad about the fact that ‘softness’ and being ‘soft’ is so crapped upon.
I have had some events in my life over the past year that have highlighted just what it feels like to be around people who are ‘hard’ and also had feedback on what it feels like to be on the receiving end of ‘hardness’. I actually allowed myself to FEEL what it feels like.  It doesn’t feel good, often accompanied with judgement and a lack of compassion, lack of understanding and absence of love.
I was brought up in a house of ‘strong’ women. I was brought up in a place where harshness was ‘normal’. I didn’t even realise just how harsh and hard my environment was until recently.
I have locked my heart up and been hard hearted. I am beginning to feel the heart of stone that I have in my chest and am beginning to wonder what a heart of flesh would feel like.
A soft, supple, compassionate, real loving, Open heart.
That, I feel, could be beautiful!
So I just wanted to ‘talk’ with you and mention that it is worth softening, to grow the desire to soften: to be softer with self, others, God, my emotions, all the experiences that are within me, it helps. 
In my experience:
Being hard hurts, me and others
Being hard puts up walls and creates barriers
Emotional hardness creates separation
Emotional hardness creates judgment
Emotional hardness comes from repressed fear and rage,
Emotional hardness causes pain and isolation
Emotional hardness creates a jail that you convince yourself is a ‘safe’ place when in fact it is dangerous, you can’t feel when you are hard, not even yourself.
I feel I have softened a little, beginning with intellectual decision and sincere prayer which has ended up with changes in my heart. It was just a gradual thing that happened and I could actually feel some compassion I reckon for the first time around some issues. It has been through being treated badly and with hardness – feeling this – and having attracted genuine love and kindness into my life (feeling the comparison of these two feelings), that I have realised what it feels like to be around me when I am emotionally hard. I have seen in others what I am myself. It was confronting and a yucky feeling to own that I have been like that to others and I thought it was okay, ‘normal’ even. 
I have seen the effects it had on those who I met and treated harshly, it is not love. I have noticed that what we are exposed to as small children and in the environments we live becomes ‘normal’, no matter how harsh, scary and violent it is. I see that while we remain conditioned and holding onto these crazy so called ‘norms’ we cannot feel what love actually feels like, and we act out what we feel to be acceptable. The process of feeling how it really is has caused me to question a lot of things. I have often prayed for more sensitivity and as it comes I see the stark contrast between what I see as normal and what I am learning about God and God’s love and Way. 
I was writing to a friend the other day and have included some of my thoughts below from the email I sent as I feel they relate to this topic:
“I realise that when I am ‘hard’ and judgmental (read don’t want to feel or even own my fear, don’t want to feel my feelings and want to change others instead of myself) that instead of opening up an opportunity to heal it actually closes, shuts down and hinders healing or even realisations in self or another. I see how it is through owning my own feelings and lovingly or even just kindly talking to someone else about things noticed or felt that this can create an opportunity to heal. I see how fear creates such pain, judgement, criticism and distance between my soul and another soul (I also see how I have wanted this in an effort to feel ‘safe’. I don’t feel safe one little bit). 
I feel the lack of connection, pain and fear etc between women & women and women & men is a source of pain and sadness for many souls. The relationships we have had with our mothers and fathers, other women  growing up have not set ‘healthy’ or loving precedents of how to relate in love, or even be truly kind with others. For me I am terrified of judgement and generally avoid interactions where this might happen at all costs where possible or placate something chronic to get people to ‘like’ me and be nice to me, sad smile, or just throw fear or rage their way and project ‘don’t get angry at me, don’t make me feel afraid and I will do what you want’. I feel I have used this as an ‘excuse’ to avoid or treat others badly. I am realising this isn’t the basis for and doesn’t build true, beautiful, close, growing friendships. It is also not based on Truth as God sees it. 
I am starting to feel if we can actually heal each other with kindness and love rather than harsh words and critical gestures this would be a beautiful way forward. I don’t feel I am there yet, my old patterns and addictions come up often especially when I feel uncomfortable and afraid, but I can see now the effects of these states and the pain that both women and men are in (including me) is a result of the actions we each choose to take.
I am realising how much and how many people I push away due to fear.
It is exciting I reckon how change is possible. I have so often felt that no-one changes and no-one becomes different. I am loving how this belief is being challenged at the moment and I am being shown how change is possible and that unloving actions can be healed and even intention begins a desire to heal!”
I cannot say how beautiful it is in the soft moments and the contrast to emotional hardness is very noticeable! I wish you well with softening into what ever the Law of Attraction brings you to heal your soul and become at one with God!
* I am still grappling with being in a place of softness all the time on every issue, I am not there yet. I have gotten emotionally hard over the last weeks due to wanting to avoid my terrors and this is what has highlighted (or glaring showed up) the difference between softening and shutdown/emotional hardness.