There is a lot going on in our lives at the moment, including some potentially wonderful changes and I though I would send out an update with where we are all at.

Some of you may have heard that we have the property ‘Kyabra Station’ in Kentucky (aka The Kentucky Learning Centre) on the market to sell. This is true and the four of us (Peter, Susan, Michael and I) are hoping to sell as soon as possible.

20150504 For Sale Sign Kyabra Station
20150504 For Sale Sign Kyabra Station

When Kyabra Station sells our intentions are as follows:

Peter and I  (Eloisa) have purchased a small property in Wilkesdale, Queensland, which will be a base where we can keep our personal belongings, conduct experiments and come back to after periods of traveling, exploring and discovering. We would love to do projects in harmony with Principles of God’s Truth around Australia and overseas.

We will still be running a Learning Centre, it will just be in a different form than it is now.

What we learn, trial & discover we will share with others and this can be done wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We feel we kind of are the learning centre, smile, and so wherever we are we will continue to experiment, explore, discover and share our findings.

We will continue doing projects including environmental experiments and education programs in the future. We feel that we would like to be in more of a consulting role and travel more widely, sharing what we learn and any discoveries we make. We feel that we can only share what we have actually experienced and we feel that will grow with time and as we learn and discover more along the way.

Pete and I have a growing desire to begin to right the wrongs we have contributed to in the world due to the way we have chosen to live our lives so far. Particularly at this time in regards to what we have done to the children in our care, the environment and animals.

We would like to share our experiences of where we have come from, where we are right now and what we discover in the future in the hope that others may benefit from our experiences. We desire to share the up’s, downs, transitions, exciting things, challenges and resistance’s so that you may learn from our mistakes, if you desire to, and hopefully to demonstrate that real, lasting soul change is the most powerful change and is totally possible. We will include our personal discoveries of ‘how to’ in making those changes on our blogs and websites as we find out, ‘how to do it’ ourselves, smile.

We have begun a new Blog site that by the end of the year will become our main sharing medium for the future. You can check it out here, its called – Discovery Learning Centre:

It has everything from the ‘Kentucky Learning Centre’ on it and will have much more in the future from different places and spaces.

Our YouTube Channel is still the same:

And from now on we are contactable via:

Peter and Eloisa’s personal blog remains the same:

* * * * * * * *

Susan and Michael are planning to head back down to the Southern Highlands Bowral, NSW, area where they plan to live and run workshops and share information to do with Raw Food,  Animal Husbandry, saddlery and various other subjects they are interested in.

Susan still has her blog up and running and can be found at:

And both Michael and Susan are contactable at the following email address:

* * * * * * * * * *

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have donated financial gifts, your personal time, gifts in general, resources, and your expertise to us and the projects we have run at The Kentucky Learning Centre (Kyabra Station) over the past six years. Thank you for your support and contributions. We are really grateful!

Wilkesdale, Dec 31st, QLDP&E’s new place at Wilkesdale, Dec 31st, QLD