God’s Way of Education Introduction.

God's Way

My Name is Tristan Miller,

I wish to give an impression of who I am, why I really want to be a part of this God’s Way of Education and why people should trust God’s Way of Love to create such a framework to teach and engage children and families.

This is the biggest subject I care about, which I know can be addressed with much more love than it currently is:

At the moment education for our youngsters is missing something. They are not actively learning how to actually treat themselves or others lovingly, nor how to be emotionally responsible for how they feel. There are no current widely recognised lessons for this, no state or federal framework for this sort of education.

It seems to actually be something that families are expected to provide when, at best, parents are often trying to learn about these things in their…

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Positive Benefits


I notice that Jesus & Mary always help us to see and understand the benefits of applying Principle’s of God’s Truth to our lives and I am seeing how this helps to inspire personal desire to try stuff in my own life.

This blog is just to share how awesome I feel it is when I do have a go at applying Principle’s of God’s Truth to my life, or even have an intention to do so! (I am presently going through an excited patch of discovery, smile).

A few of the benefits I have discovered of experimenting with honouring God’s Truth, having an intention to live in harmony with God’s Laws and aspiring to Love as God Loves are as follows:

You learn HEAPS about yourself (your whole soul – as you open up to it), others, children, God; actually as much and about as many subjects as you are open to at any given time

You grow to accept yourself more, especially if you have compassion for yourself. You grow to feel happier, you have more energy, you want to explore and discover more, you find out things about yourself that were ‘forgotten’, not realized yet, or squashed that you love and enjoy doing. You feel the contrast between this state and living in fears, anger etc so it becomes a shorter time to recognise what’s going on.

Desire grows and there are SO many exciting possibilities and things to do that it is matter of prioritizing to fit them all in

Even when you are emotionally challenged you begin to realise that it is an opportunity to change or try something different

As I begin to become more sensitive I am seeing that physical & emotional pain is within me all the time and that releasing it is a relief. (Still areas that I am very challenged by and in denial about)

If I just stick to God’s Truth and Love, amazing things become possible.

You begin to actually learn what love is, and God’s version of love from what I observe is a relief & SUPER lovely, kind, compassionate, gentle, caring, so many qualities that are beautiful. Feeling the difference between God’s opinion of you and the world’s/your parents/others negative opinions of you is intensely sad,

You begin to see things more clearly (this seems to periodically happen and I go ‘wow, I didn’t even know what Jesus & Mary were talking about (I thought I did, but I just didn’t), and this happens over and over again on the same or similar subjects are more awareness grows)

I got some inspiration that God made there to be an infinite amount to learn, but instead of feeling terrified about that all the time, it becomes exciting and a matter of just working through the fears and absorbing everything we possibly can and if we are blocked to doing so finding out why so we can learn more. It is a good thing our souls are made capable of such expansion & potential.

Beginning to trust in God’s Goodness changes your outlook on life remarkably

Your relationship with your partner has the possibility to improve with the possibility for exponential improvement IF you desire that

Your relationship with your kids improves MASSIVELY, I have felt real love for them (at times) which is different to all the addictive demands I have

When Love and Truth become your motivators rather than self interest – this makes for a smoother home life and less angry, violent, conflict between yourself and others

As you become more sensitive you can see more clearly what is going on rather than responding to effects all the time, you begin to look for causes and deal with those, life gets simpler and less exhausting

Lasting, permanent positive change is possible

You don’t have to ‘try’ all the time when you make soul based change, things feel smoother and you either do it or you don’t. Work out why you don’t want to and feel about that, then you probably will want to.

Even having an intention to change brings positive outcomes

Opportunities to Love are EVERYWHERE, we just have to want to see them and act upon them

Truth sets you free – it lessens fear and opens up possibilities that you never previously considered. Things that felt impossible become possible

Being in harmony with God’s Laws you feel more secure & safe & confident because God’s got it covered and you just need to learn the way it all works, and because God is good you begin to trust that God’s got your back and you just need to do the next thing and the next thing and the next thing God presents for you to release, experiment, learn and discover about ( I look forward to this being consistent in my life)

A sense of excitement and wonder at God’s creations and the process God has made for every one of us to engage if we desire to be fully happy and fulfilled and perfected in love as God loves which I can only imagine is AMAZING!!! ( I haven’t personally experienced this process to being at-one-with-God but I suspect that it just gets better and better based on my experience so far)

Seriously, there are just so many benefits that seem to be revealing themselves and the more I experiment the more I suspect that there are only expanding, exponential benefits because so far I haven’t found any disadvantages in anything God does!



This is a quality worth developing.

I have led a life of inconsistency. Of being swayed every which way and all over the place.

My ‘no’s’ have not meant ‘no’ my ‘yes’ has not meant ‘yes’.

I have not wanted to be consistent with the kids, Pete, myself or in my life in general. I have had to use A LOT of will power to even attempt to be consistent which has taken a lot of effort to maintain for very short periods of time and then I have fallen back into inconsistency again.

Recently I found out some of the reasons why I haven’t wanted to be consistent particularly with Pete and the kids, the main one being if I am consistent with them I have to be consistent with me also otherwise I am being hypocritical.

Truth be told I have WANTED to let them ‘get away’ with stuff and be inconsistent because I have wanted to get away with things myself. I have wanted to have an ‘out’ or an excuse to be unethical if I want to be, or if I feel something is ‘too hard’ I have actually wanted the excuse to sin or be unloving.

The problem with this is that it causes A LOT of negative consequences. It creates a lack of safety, security, certainty. It creates sin and pain emotionally which often ends up becoming chronic physical pain due to avoiding the chronic emotional pain. It also honours fear above love and truth which NEVER turns out well.

I have been experimenting with consistency on and off for a while now, but the last months, I have focused on it far more than previously and I found something really awesome.

When I am consistently truthful and do what Love dictates consistently, my life is enjoyable. I feel pretty good inside and I feel genuinely positive. This is new for me. But what I reckon is happening is that when I honour these things as much as I possibly can in every area that I can see, I am working more in harmony with God’s Laws and even though I have not made the full emotional changes it is improving my life.

There are so many positive benefits for living in Truth, aspiring to Love and working with God’s Laws rather than against them. I aspire to do this consistently rather than periodically.

God is a master of consistency, which means that I need to embrace this quality too.

Consistency is a key ingredient to real happiness.


A Gift To Develop – Free Will

** Updated link 20160411

We (Pete & I) attended an Assistance Group held by Jesus in Noosa, Queensland, Australian, last week on Developing My Will to Love (more information can be found at the following link) https://www.divinetruth.com/www/en/html/index.htm#event-ag.htm

In a word it was SUPERawesome!

Thank you so much Jesus and Mary for preparing and Jesus for presenting the Assistance Group giving us a true ‘Education in Love’! I am so grateful to you both!

It is very easy to get excited about God’s Truth when I listen to Jesus and Mary share and being out of my ‘every day’ life gives me an opportunity to often see things more clearly. It is when I get back home and the unhealed emotional and physical stresses and pressures are more pronounced that I see where I am really at!

The most exciting bit about the assistance Jesus gave was that I got more of a solid understanding about a super amazing gift, and HOW TO develop it in harmony with God’s Truth and Love, that each of us has been given by God called our Will or ‘FreeWill’.

I felt pretty excited about that.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been that much logical or useful education on how to develop this gift in my life, until now  (well until a few years ago when Jesus first publicly presented some invaluable information on the subject, see link below) I personally overlooked the importance of developing my Will to Love as God Loves – big mistake.

I have often used my Will ‘willynilly’ so to speak, or made choices to try and ‘give it away’ letting others make decisions for me, used it to get my emotional and physical addictions met rather than to Love as God Loves or  chose to try to not use it at all (all CHOICES I have been making). Until relatively recently I didn’t realise I actually had a Will and what a gift it is.

Most of us don’t understand the power of this gift, if we did we would be a lot happier and life would be far more wondrous than mine currently is at this time. I hope that one day the God’s Truth about the gift of Free Will becomes part of mainstream education programs for children and adults alike.

If you are interested in specific, to the point, logical answers to the following questions:

  • What is my FreeWill? What’s so great about it? How it impacts myself and others? Why would I want to develop my Will in a positive direction & ‘How To’?
  • How do I develop my Will to Love as God Loves?
  • How to measure the results and changes, among all sorts of other awesomeness,
  • How to develop the desire to receive God’s Love and God’s Truth, personally, ALL THE TIME?

I suggest the the following link, which will take you to presentations on developing your Will to Love from the 2014 Assistance group, and other seminars on the subject of Free Will:  https://www.youtube.com/user/WizardShak/search?query=will+to+love

Links to the 2016 Assistance Group:

If each of us made the choice to use our Will in a positive direction, in harmony with God’s Laws and Love the world has the potential for exponential positive change!

I’m excited to begin to develop my Will to Love and find out why I haven’t done so wholeheartedly before now!!

Reflections on Truth and Children

Yabby Creek Adventure, Kids checking out rocks and insects, 12 March, 2014

Yabby Creek Adventure, Kids checking out rocks and insects, 12 March, 2014

I am beginning to look at what I am teaching through my actions. Not what I say or what I want to believe. All that is meaningless in comparison to my true feelings and the actions I take. My actions are what do the teaching. If what I say does not match up with what I do I am being hypocritical.

I often ask myself: ‘What am I demonstrating right now through my actions?’ Am I honoring Love and Truth or am I way off with that?

And if the kids are around I ask myself: ‘What are they being taught right now through what I am doing and feeling, or not doing and not feeling?’

I feel being truthful is so important – both personal truth and sharing what you know about God’s Truth or The Truth (Universal Truth – If you don’t know anything, don’t pretend you do).

I often feel parents are reluctant and often fear being truthful about their feelings and about most things with children. Particularly in regards to what we class as ‘grown up issues’, example: divorce, sexual abuse, sexuality, and anything else parents deem ‘inappropriate for children’.

I feel that withholding the truth or lying to kids is so damaging. It is also really condescending as we we don’t believe children can ‘handle’ the truth, I often hear people minimizing, justifying or watering down answers to very frankly asked questions from children.

Kids can handle Truth, often better than adults. It is us as adults who find the truth challenging and we put this onto kids rather than allowing them to feel about the truth and feel what they feel. I notice this so often when children just come out and say things and the adults around them freak out, dismiss them, get condescending or brush them aside, particularly in public. I reckon this would feel terrible for a child.

When we feel this way and are untruthful with children we are teaching them to do the same. We undermine their feelings and teach them to distrust themselves and their experiences, this is very damaging.

I don’t agree with dumping emotions or incestuously sharing or involving children in a parents/adults emotional processes, issues or relationships, this is damaging and not being loving or truthful either. Being truthful is answering children’s questions directly and being honest with what is going on, particularly when it is happening to them or around them.

 When children ask questions is the perfect time to share information because they* are demonstrating a desire to know.

I cannot agree that the truth is damaging, I feel untruths are damaging! Being Truthful may cause emotional responses and I have heard, if these are let to fully run their course and flow out then there will be no emotional damage left in the end.

The Truth is always loving and has huge potential to heal when delivered with love.

I often think about how we re-name body parts or bodily functions as anything but their real names, or about death and how parents/adults lie and make up stuff to tell children that is not true, it is dishonest and about the parents fears not about the best interests of the child. Also most often parents have been mis-educated about death and have not experienced it – yet – so they have no idea and cannot actually tell a child what happens because they do not know.

Children are generally much more open than adults and in my experience if things are logically explained they accept them, ask lots of questions (many of which we don’t know and can’t answer, which we also need to be honest about) or feel through them without much resistance if there is not opposition from the parents emotional stance.

Our reluctance to be truthful with children is hypocritical. If we are lying to our children we can not expect them to be honest with us or themselves. How can we expect this if we are unwilling to be emotionally honest with ourselves and others? Our actions are hypocritical when we expect others to do what we are not willing to do ourselves.

If we desire others to be truthful with us, we also need to be truthful with ourselves and others.

We cannot ask our children to do what we are unprepared to do ourselves.

Being truthful is loving. When a child can trust you to be truthful with them they are more likely to be truthful with you. They are also more likely to come to you and ask advice and actually listen to you because they know you will stand up for (God’s) Truth and Love – this is a very powerful thing!

If they know you lie or withhold truth (a form of lying) they will also reflect this and we are responsible for creating children who also lie and withhold the truth. If a child is lying I feel it is about us not wanting to hear the truth, or them feeling unsafe to tell the truth, or it could be manipulating which they would have learnt from us also – either that they can do so because we are open to being manipulated, and/or because we manipulate so they learn to do so (it could be other reasons too). Either way they are reflecting back to us our stuff – which is pretty awesome when I think about it, as it gives us an opportunity to see ourselves ‘warts and all’ and the opportunity to change and grow in a positive direction.

Parents I notice like to blame kids and make what is happening with children about the child/ren rather than taking personal responsibility for what they, as the parent/caregiver, have created and taught the kids. In my opinion kids reflect their environment, which includes parents and then learn to be what they become – which is most cases is taught by their parents. 

I feel parent’s get afraid of what is going to happen if they are truthful or that it will reflect badly on them or something, really I reckon it is about adults wanting to protect their feelings and avoid their own emotions.

As a kid you feel what is going on around you all the time and when personal truth is told it confirms the feelings you are having and honors your experience rather than feeling that you must be wrong because mum and dad are saying the opposite to what you feel and/or what is being experiencing is untrue. The lack of truth and love causes a lot of sadness in children.

If you can share how to discover God’s Truth  and how God’s Laws work with children, I feel this is super powerful because then they learn about Truth and Love for themselves and know that personal truth is not necessarily in harmony with God’s Truth and what God views as loving.

Knowing the truth and knowing that your parent is truthful with you builds trust and enables you to make decisions based on your own feelings and assessments and experiences, this actually builds sense of self in a positive way.

My parents withheld the truth and it has been very damaging. They didn’t want to be truthful themselves and it is devastating to find out later that you were lied too and your parents didn’t love you enough to honor Love and Truth and the principle of the thing, particularly in abusive situations.

I encourage you to be truthful with yourself and others! To be brave and to stand up for Love and God’s/universal Truth!

* When children are heavily spirit influenced, mediumistic, overcloaked, they can become a channel for spirits to ask questions. I mention this as there was a time when our kids were very out of body and often spirits would ask questions through the kids – (this attraction was due to Pete and my fears about spirits and our unhealed emotions which left the kids unprotected and totally open to spirit influence). This feels different to most of the questions they ask now, which I feel reflect their desires more rather than spirits who were/are with them.


Extract From a Letter

f7090-scan0052From a letter expressing thoughts on rage, sexual abuse, and parenting amongst other things:

“Rage leaves children open to huge amounts of attack and any darkness (people with dark intentions) that desires to connect and interfere with them. Sexual abuse is attracted due to both parents unhealed emotions and the denial of emotions leaves children unprotected emotionally and physically.

Often parents say they love their children but I notice their actions show that under pressure they are more concerned about themselves and avoiding various emotions, example avoiding rage by doing what an angry person demands or not being firm when they are manipulating. Unfortunately every time we do what an angry person wants, every time we bow to fear and manipulation we reinforce the unloving behaviour. This is very damaging to ourselves and others and we need to look at why we are so afraid to stand up to these people who throw their emotions around.

The reason why we desire to not confront unloving behaviours is within us and when we don’t stand up for Love and Truth we become responsible for aiding the creation of people who abuse others – raging, overtly or passive aggressively, at another person in my experience is abusive.

I feel we need to learn to stop pandering to abusers and stop taking our emotions out on others who are not the responsible for their creation in the first place.

Each of us have the opportunity to make positive change and I encourage you to do so.

I feel sexual abuse is so insidious. It is so damaging and the only way we are going to change and stop the cycle is to find and then heal emotionally the causal reasons why it happens in the first place. Coming ‘to terms with it’ or learning to ‘live with it’ doesn’t heal it, from what I hear only emotionally releasing it does, which makes sense when it was an emotional interaction that created in the first place.

I sincerely wish you courage to stop the abuse cycle. To feel the emotions that contribute to the attraction of abuse. When sexual abuse happens to a child it is an issue for both parents to heal – between each other and also from childhood. It is not just one or the other who is responsible, it is a collective attraction for both parents.

As parents I feel we need to have the courage to be honest with ourselves about what we are really doing to our kids. Not hold onto our investments of what we would like to believe we are doing. We need to have the courage to stand up for Truth and Love and to actually be sincere in looking at ourselves as we really are rather than what we desire to believe ourselves to be.

Any feelings we are denying or suppressing get absorbed and reflected back to us by our children. We need to grow the courage to see what our children are reflecting to us about ourselves, be humble and grow the courage to love and stand up for principles rather than remaining self absorbed and marinating in our fears.

My prayer is that each individual on the entire planet grows the desire to Love!

That would be the fastest way to change the world!

 And what a world it would be if everyone honored God’s Truth and Loved!”

* Written by Eloisa 20150524


Re-Blogged Extract From “Parenting Is Easy When We Love”

I particularly enjoyed this extract By Justin Crick. The original Post in it’s entirety can be found on Justin’s blog, Link: http://justin-crick.blogspot.com.au

Tuesday, 19th May 2015

Parenting Is Easy When We Love

“…But the biggest thing that I discovered was that parenting is easy when we love.  It is a simple, joyful, fun and effortless adventure.  I imagine that I have felt a tiny glimpse of the joy that God must have being our parent.  I realised that I don’t need to train them [the children], manage them, or turn them into anything, or force them to be a certain way. 

I just need to love them. 

Working through my own emotional blockages to love has been the greatest single thing I have done with regards to improving my relationship with my kids.

God has already created their souls, and all I need to do is to create an environment where Gods creation can be expressed.  If I think that I can create a better child than God, then I am going to eventually realise that I am very wrong.

One of the greatest joys in this process is watching the difference in the boys when I have a feeling of love instead of anger, annoyance, frustration, fear, shame or any other non-loving emotion. I have seen them change in an instant when I come from a space of love, rather than a non-loving space. 

It is a bit hard for me to describe but children bloom when love is present, and shrivel when it is absent.  In my opinion, learning about true love, and being a loving parent from Gods perspective, is the greatest gift a parent can give to a child, and I would encourage all parents and carers (and everyone for that matter) to consider learning more about love. 

Your children will thank you for it!!


Ethical Parenting: Finding Out About Love, Starting With Ethics


What does it mean to Love our children?

 What would love do every moment and in every interaction we have with our partner, with children, with others?

How do we know what love would do?

 Have you heard of ‘The Golden Rule’? A Biblical term referred to by Jesus as, ‘treating others as you would like to be treated’. Notice it is not ‘how you are treated, or how you treat others’ but rather how you would ‘like’ to be treated. Or you could take it one step further and say ‘treat others as God treats me’. This is what I understand ethics (very basically) to be. The beauty of ethics is that it is easy and simple to see based on the above premiss: treat others as you would like to be treated, and in most situations this will give a good indication if you are engaging in a loving manner or not.

For me it is a process of discovery about how God treats me. I am needing to unravel a lot of false beliefs about God and have so far only heard the Truths about God not fully experienced them for myself. So I am beginning with ethics, treating others as I would like to be treated. You can do this with or without God.

What does it mean to parent ethically?

I feel we have a heap of double standards as adults especially with children. If we asked of ourselves what we ask or demand of our kids I can guarantee we would be outraged. We would feel controlled, belittled, interrupted, confined, isolated, shamed, unimportant, ignored, entitled, and probably a heap of other things not mentioned here that you probably felt yourself as a child.

I notice often that I treat kids differently to adults.

Grownups when I was a kid said things they didn’t mean, they lied and hid behind ‘nice’ facades which are not really that nice, sometimes downright terrifying. They said one thing and meant another, they didn’t explain, were dishonest and said they knew or would do things when they didn’t, wouldn’t or forgot, they made promises they couldn’t keep. Kids got in the way, were not as important as adults, didn’t get the same attention. They didn’t know what love was because they had been mis-informed and mis-educated about it also. Sometimes I wonder why people have kids if they don’t want to love them, but it seems there are many parents having kids for other reasons than love.

 I realise what I say could be very confrontational. I feel it is true though. I have been looking at my own reasons for having children, they were not pure and to love the children unconditionally. I am having to learn how to love and grow a sincere desire to want to love. I have had a screwed up version of love and a screwed up perception of parenting and I am going through a process of re-education. It feels uncomfortable often and I am coming to terms with the fact that I have not wanted to love. Rather I have wanted to be loved, to be cared for, to be seen as a ‘good mum’. I have wanted the children to demonstrate ‘good’ things about me because I have felt so bad inside of myself.

I feel sad about this because it means I have not allowed the children to just be themselves and love them for it. I have demands, expectations and investments in them. I want from them, rather than to give to them. I have manipulated, moulded and groomed them into what I want them to be, to fit my mould, rather than what God created them to be as they are.

At first I didn’t want to see what I had done. I was in a lot of denial (still am on certain issues and subjects). There are many ways to justify, minimise, deny what we have created and what we do as parents, but honestly we need to get real, get honest and see where we are unethical, where we are out of line in the treatment, especially of children, but also our partners and our brothers and sisters (other people) in general.

Many people think it is okay to shame, condescend to, belittle, hit, hurt, abuse, rage at, violently treat children to varying degrees or under certain circumstances. We say it is ‘for their own good’, ‘we have their best intentions in mind’, often we even say it is because we ‘love’ them. We blame children and excuse ourselves for all sorts of hurtful actions, not seeing that it is us who our children are reflecting in the first place and we are punishing them because we don’t want to be reminded and feel our own pains and hurt parts. It is us who children mirror and they highlight our lack of love.

Children learn so amazingly. They lean quickly and they learn from feelings not words. They reflect our true feelings not the ones we want everyone, including ourselves to believe are true about us (our facades – what we want to believe we are rather than what we actually are at this point in time).

We are responsible, we create so much of the pain in our children’s lives*** – especially when they are very young (as they get older they act out upon the injuries created by us and use their will either in harmony with love or out of it – often dependent on what we taught them until they learn or discover otherwise. Even so their actions come from things that we did to them in the first place, because we chose not to forgive our parents for their actions.), we create it by not allowing our own pain to flow and be released. We create it by suppressing our children, by teaching them to be what we want them to be, rather than be who they are as God created them. We teach our children that they are not okay as they are, they need to be something else – something we approve of, and they do that, or they rebel which ever will cause us to feel the most, and often instead of being humble and feeling our feelings we suppress and punish the child some more. What we need to do is to feel. To own how we feel as we feel it and to feel it responsibly, without taking it out on another soul. It is that simple. Feel and heal – without involving your kids, without involving others, just you and God, if you desire. That is how it is done.

We teach children that parental approval is love. I am saying it is not. Parental approval is nothing in comparison to love, it is a substitute and a poor substitute at that, and yet even as adults we are striving for it rather than seeing that the how we would like to be treated and what we would like to feel (love) from others is mostly not what we are receiving.


I feel that a massive, world wide, re-education program is needed that begins with Love – God’s version not ours. We need to re-educate ourselves with God’s Truth rather than the lies our parents and environment taught us as kids and the lies we continue to tell ourselves as grown ups, reinforcing our erroneous childhood educations, that keep us locked up as damaged children. We need to re-educate ourselves first and automatically this will educate our children about God’s Love and God’s Truth through example rather than theory.

If we really want to love we can begin with ethics, we can begin with treating our children as we would ‘like’ to be treated. We can stop controlling them and begin to love them. We can stop shouting at them and withholding approval of what they do or don’t do and be soft with them, teach them about love, self discovery, self responsibility and ethical behavior themselves.

We need to do this through our actions and behaviour not our words. Words are cheap and meaningless when they don’t match the real feelings coming out of us. Being honest, truthful and real is important for real relationships and friendships. To be ethical we are going to need to first be honest and see what we are doing, how we treat others and ourselves and be honest about how it actually feels. So-often we are conditioned to accept unloving behaviour and we come to feel it is ‘normal’ or ‘the only way’ or even the ‘right way’ I am suggesting there is another way (God’s Way of Love) and that we can start right now, with a first step being by simply practicing and treating others as we would like to be treated.

That means stop blaming others, including your children for your own personal pain. For example, stop getting angry at children and own your feelings as yours, find out why you are angry and what you are angry about. I guarantee that you you don’t enjoy people shouting at you, punishing you, condescending to you, controlling you, having double standards and telling you lies so why are we doing it to others, especially children. Children are honest with us, until they are taught otherwise, so why are we not honest with them?

I am noticing that how I was treated as a child is often how I treat children and it is only as I soften to the hurts within me that I am discovering that naturally and without effort I begin to treat our children and others more softly, acceptingly, compassionately. While I am hard and punishing with myself I am also hard and punishing with others.

I encourage you to explore your own behaviours and how you treat your children, I encourage you to be real and self reflective no matter how painful it feels and find out the truth of what you feel, feel it without harming others or yourself and your life will change if you are doing this sincerely. It is beautiful and a gift to both yourself, your children and those around you.

Give it a go, experiment, discover, explore ethics and see what you discover…

* For more information on Ethics and Morality go to the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mybby95f3vs

 ** I say ‘your’ children, though I would like to suggest that they do not belong to you at all, but are rather God’s children and your brothers and sisters. I find it helpful to think about this as I treat brothers and sisters very differently to children who I feel I ‘own’. Children are not property, though we have for many generations believed and told them they are. Children are not to be owned, enslaved, brought or sold. Rather children are a perfect gift born from desire and are the most amazing creation and perfect reflection of our soul condition, where we are at and the areas that we need to heal in love. They are a blessing and a gift and our only ‘job’ is to teach them about Love, God’s Truth and God’s Love, God Herself, and allow and enable them to discover for themselves…

***We harm children by mis-educating them about Love, Truth, God and not being truthful about so many subjects. Including not being truthful  about our own feelings and thoughts, creating addictions with children, demanding and expecting of them, inhibiting their freewill and not correcting unloving behaviours in a loving way.

Parents have a lot to answer for. I am also beginning to get glimpses though of what an incredible gift being a parent is and if we ‘parented’ more as God intended it would be friggen awesome all round – that is what I aspire to and get excited about! Children are a gift and a very fast way to learn about love, if you are willing and have a sincere desire to love, in a real way.