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Over the past few months I have been working on a resource for parents and families (the Parent & Family Resource). It is a series of videos discussing Principles of Divine Truth as applied to parenting, family relationships and dynamics.

The first videos in the Parent & Family Resource cover basics of Divine Truth (as taught by Jesus & Mary) including terminology and various other Divine Truth material that is referenced in the Parent & Family Resource.

The first videos have now been published on YouTube and are ready for you to watch at YouTube channel.

There are a number of other videos that I am currently editing and I intend to produce further videos to add to the resource over the coming months. I hope you find the resource useful.

Contact Eloisa re the Parent & Family Resource

If you have any questions, queries or clarifications that come up as you watch the videos you are welcome to contact me via the following email address:

I enjoy discussing parenting and feel the most economical way to answer personal questions is to make a video or audio recording so everyone can benefit from the discussion or interaction, and it also means that the information can be referred back to again in the future and time is used more productively. So depending on what questions are asked will depend on the topic of some question & answer videos that will be created.

I am interested in having discussions, giving presentations and working with individual families and I enjoy interacting with people about parenting and relationships (and other subjects), so as time permits there may be opportunities for video calls or phone calls. I intend to record any conversations (with individuals permission) so that they can be shared and may benefit other families.

I will reply to sincere questions and queries in one of the following ways: via making a video (most likely), email, blog post, personal interaction, possible conversation via phone, skype, or other electronic method (as time permits). I want as many people to benefit from truthful conversations about parenting and families as possible so at every opportunity these interactions will be shared via video or written word. For those who are interested I look forward to interacting with you and meeting you if we have not yet met!

I look forward to learning more about love and truth, others and the potential for soul growth for each of us who apply Principles of Divine Truth to family situations. If you are interested in organising an event, discussion group, presentation with me please contact me via

Future Possibility

In the future there may also be the opportunity for live streaming conferences where a discussion with an individual or a group of people can happen. I am looking forward to learning about and engaging this method to communicate with people about parenting and family relationship dynamics. My friend Jesus is currently investigating live streaming so he can share Divine Truth in live situations with the world, he is working long hours on various projects, one being to set up the behind scenes aspects of the live streaming project. Jesus has generously offered that we can learn about live streaming and use his beautiful studio to engage with others once it is up and running, I am grateful and excited.

Love Truth Pty Ltd

I have set up a company called Love Truth Pty Ltd to handle the costs and expenses associated with providing education on a variety of subjects (based on principles of Divine Truth teachings and my personal experiences experimenting with God’s Way), distributing the materials that are created and setting up a website and other business activities as required.

If you would like to donate

If you are interested to make a donation to Love Truth Pty Ltd information on how to do so can be found on the Love Truth website donate page. The company is to be run on donations in order to produce resources based on truthful information. The resources that are created are shared with the world free of financial charge and can be shared freely with others. The Love Truth website will have all the resources easily accessible in one place. I will also post notifications on this site when new material is added. Please note that the Love Truth website/blog is currently under construction and has yet to be fully populated.

The first resource Love Truth presents is the Parent & Family Resource.

Closing Comments

I am enjoying creating the parent and family resource, it is an ongoing project that I look forward to developing as I grow and learn more about love and truth. The resource is morphing as I create it and get inspiration about topics for discussion and ways to refine the resource so watch this space, smile, as I intend for the resource to grow. I am really looking forward to interacting with parents and family’s in person.

Thanks & Acknowledgement

My thanks and acknowledgement go to Jesus & Mary for their input and ideas, conversations, encouragement, inspiration and sharing the teachings of Divine Truth. Jesus & Mary’s example and sharing of God’s Truth has been an inspiration in my life and without their generosity this resource would not have been possible (Divine Truth teachings are the basis of it!). To access Divine Truth teachings directly (recommended) go to The teachings of Divine Truth are a wonderful way to be introduced to God (if one is not already introduced to our infinitely loving parent) and gain an education in love while you are getting to know and have a personal relationship with God, then you can go directly to God, smile.

I am grateful for God’s Way and the provision God made to have children in order to learn about love and truth.

Thank you to the children in my care who are perfect reflectors, I feel privileged to be getting to know you & growing relationships with you!

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