April 2022: Gratitude


I am so grateful for the donations that have been given to me!

Thank you to Jesus & Mary who recently published a post titled ‘Work of Generous Individuals’ on their blog. It was a post about Catherine, Corny (David Walsh), Kate & myself and some of the things that we contribute to God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations as volunteers.

I am grateful to everyone who has made a donation/s inspired by this post. Many of you I have never met and your contributions and desire to donate to me so I can continue to volunteer full time are most appreciated – Thank you!

I realised that I have not previously shared much about my role as a volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way organizations. I have mentioned how much I love being a volunteer but not the actual day in day out roles and activities. I am grateful to Jesus and Mary for having mentioned me on their website and I will endeavour to share more specifically in future as I realized that this is how you will know what is happening in my life and why.

I have been caught up in the doing of daily activities and projects and have not made time to share about all the wonderful things that God’s Way and Divine Truth are engaged in and that I feel so excited to be part of. There is lots to share and that is the focus in the coming months.

Once again Thank you.

I hope you are all well and growing your relationship with God.

Best wishes,