Thoughts: Truth & Love Don’t Hurt

Written in March 2020

There is a common belief and saying that ‘Truth hurts’ and ‘love hurts’. The insinuation is that these two qualities cause pain.

A friend of mine commented that they were ‘going to be honest even if it hurt’.

I had a really strong response to this comment, I felt: ‘this is a lie! Truth doesn’t ever hurt’ I realised that I do not believe the saying at all.

The truth does not hurt. Truth (with love) brings relief, freedom, understanding, infinite discovery, it is the antidote to fear.

Truth is good.

Often truth and love are associated as being the hurtful part. We are not seeing it is the error (what is out of harmony with love in our soul) that the truth exposes that is painful, not the truth or love itself. And the error and pain was already in us before the truth exposed it.

I feel most of us have been or are in denial about the pain in our lives and when Truth (and Love) exposes this we blame Truth rather than being humble to our pain.

I have experienced being loved and it exposed the contrast to not feeling loved. The feeling of love created an opportunity (had the power) to heal. It helped me to connect to the pain of not feeling loved.

The hurt that people associate with truth and love is actually historical or current pain being exposed, false beliefs revealed, unloving exceptions highlighted, things we don’t like about ourselves are put under the spotlight, revealed to ourself and/or to others.

When we associate Truth and Love with pain rather than seeing it is our error (our sin, our unlovingness, our desire for addictions to be met) that is the cause of our pain we distort the facts and reject the very things (love and truth) that will bring joy, happiness and freedom to our lives.

I think we want to blame. I notice the relationship many people have towards Truth is a desire to not know the facts. I feel the opposite.

Truth highlights the contrast between what is happening and the lack of love.

I would prefer the truth exposing historical pain than the lies to prevent it.

Changing my relationship with truth helps me to see the world in a completely different way.

Truth creates connection, closeness and trust. I love truth as it is the only way to grow and change. Truth is the way to find out about God, others and myself, to learn new things, to have more love, happiness and joy in my life.

Truth makes life simple, with less pain and less effort. Truth has been the catalyst that changed my life in a positive direction. Truth with love is precious, beautiful, a thing to develop, hold dear and honour.

In my experience Truth and Love have never hurt, but the pain that these qualities exposed did.

Truth is loving, a quality to value.

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