Poem: Disagreement

He thinks it would be good to talk, to persuade her
She doesn’t, it has been said before

He likes the interaction the attention
He likes the sense of power he feels when he pulls her down and she responds to the projections that she is bad
He likes the illusion of power he gets when her shame is heightened and she agrees
When she acts to avoid her guilt

He likes it
Gets off on it

He wants her to feel powerless
Wants her to feel she is inferior, bad, that it’s true that she is so flawed
Wants her to be subjected, submissive
Wants her to agree to be less, which, in the past she has

She casts aside her addictions
Cuts them adrift

If she does not agree
If she does not bow down
Does not feel bad

She knows her Creator and that He only creates beautiful worthy things
If she upholds equality
And she feels equal in her soul

Now the opposition is real
Superiority challenged
Inferiority discarded
Equality a fact
The Truth of Love illuminated via a true example

His anger rises
His false perception of power exposed

Love the most powerful force in the universe
Hold it close, feel, express it
Do not give away power to imposters who disregard morality and love
Be true
Be steadfast
Honour your Designer who created the greatest creation in the universe
The human soul, you

Eloisa, 20 July 2022, 4:39pm

close up of a red siamese fighting fish

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

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