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Back in January I made some videos and have finally posted one of them on youtube.

If you are interested in viewing it here is the link: My First Experiment with the Teachings of Divine Truth: Being Truthful


Eloisa’s YouTube Channel link to playlists here.

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Link to Eloisa’s introductory YouTube video.

The video is about the first experiment I did with Principles of God’s Truth approximately 8 years ago and the positive experiences that resulted (reflecting on the experiment itself begins approx 4 min 34 sec into the clip).

In brief the video is about my personal experience engaging God’s Truth and personal truth (getting real with how I actually felt moment by moment).

One principle required to live in harmony with God’s Love & Laws is to be truthful, meaning find out God’s Truth and live by it, and be truthful about our personal feelings, motivations, intentions, and our personal history (what has happened to us in the past).

The experiment I engaged was inspired by Jesus and Mary when we were having dinner one evening, they suggested to be truthful (own my feelings) with how I felt moment by moment.

This required me to honour my personal experience and begin to become sensitive to the emotions I was feeling.

The experiment worked so well that I grew faith in the process and have been experimenting ever since.

The process (simplified)

  1. Truth: I heard external truth, that being truthful would improve my life (from Jesus and Mary, they suggested an experiment, I applied what they said and tried it for myself).
  2. Emotion: I owned my emotions, meaning that I gave myself time to actually admit how I felt, at first verbally. Over time this led to an emotional experience of connecting to and feeling about events that have happened in my past. Each event in a persons life has an emotional signature and facts about what actually happened (from God’s perspective). This is a combination of God’s Truth (what actually happened) and my feelings about what happened, my feelings may not be in harmony with love but I do need to feel my feelings about it (my ‘personal’ truth). I am finding through having emotional experiences I find out the truth of my history.
  3. Action: I took action, stopping every time the children went ‘wild’ or out of control (the effects of an emotion in me not being felt) and identified, and then began feeling the feelings that were in me. This had immediate positive results in my life which grew my faith in the process.
  4. Faith: I found when I owned my emotions there was a positive result, my life got smoother and simpler which motivated me to engage the process more often which had more positive effects in my life. For a time I dismissed and doubted the experiences I had (I don’t recommend doing this), but with time and Jesus and Mary’s teachings I realised faith grows by holding fast to my personal exeriences that proved the process.
  5. Relationship with God: After a number of years of experimenting with Principles of God’s Truth and having an interest in hearing about God, I began to want to have a personal relationship with God and actually know who the entity God was and what He/She was like, I had many questions. As I have continued to engage the process to bring my life into harmony with God’s Way I learn more about God, myself, others and the environment and have now had many experiences that confirm that living God’s Way brings happiness and joy to my life, I trust God’s Process and know that it is up to me how long I want to take to grow and change into a more loving soul.

I will be forever grateful to Jesus and Mary for their lived example honouring Principles of God’s Truth, introducing me to the possibility of an abundantly Loving God, and sharing gift after gift of God’s Truth in a loving manner with me. Their example is inspiring and having people who know more than me sharing their experiences has been life changing. Jesus and Mary have provided the resources (Principles of God’s Truth) which when sincerely applied results in soul growth and positive change.

The purpose of my youtube channel is to share my experiences and document the experiments I engage applying Principles of God’s Truth to my life.

I have some other videos that will go up soon.

Bye for now,



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