Thank You! March 2019


Thank you to those of you who make one off or regular donations to me. Every donation is appreciated and I feel so grateful for the donations you give that contribute to me being able to volunteer full time for two organisations (Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd.) that I whole heartedly believe in.

Thank you to everyone who donates to God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth organisations, I know every gift and donation is deeply appreciated. I see how your gifts and donations are used to share God’s Truth with the world and I am grateful.

For more information about God’s Way Ltd click here.

for more information about Divine Truth click here.

Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer during Jesus and Mary’s Assistance Group, which I loved, thanks J&M!! (I enjoyed meeting some of you there). I want to thank everyone who donated during those groups to Jesus, Mary and the team. Jesus and Mary gifted the technical team a generous portion of the donations, and as I didn’t get to thank you in person, I want to thank those of you who contributed to the donations we received via this post!

With gratitude & love from Elo


Native bees enjoying sunflower pollen