The Radical Benefits of Staying Present

N.B.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a couple of extra things I thought were helpful or have noticed and have added them in this morning (Monday 15 April) – like reminding myself of God’s Truth (even intellectually helps).

I have experienced for more than just a moment recently the benefits of staying ‘present’ or being in my body. This is a whole new experience and it is awesome, so (if you have a tendency to go out of body) I really want to encourage you to practice, pray and desire to stay present/in your body no matter what comes your way. Also to pray for and/or grow the desire for courage*. To practice courage to become courageous – this is my personal prayer at this time (especially when the fear come up which is still when I want to and do vacate).

The following are some of the things that happen when I am present, in my experience so far:

  • I want to know more about God and I actively go about finding that out for myself rather than wanting someone else to do it all for me
  • I actively go about a lot more things than when I am out of my body
  • I remind myself of God’s Truth about the situation (even intellectually helps, or with what I know in my heart at this time), and see how it differs to my feelings and thoughts and what’s happening in my life that is in error or painful
  • I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them
  • I enjoy the little souls in our care, they are SOOOOO fun
  • I enjoy my man
  • I like myself more 
  • I can identify places that need healing and refining within myself without as much judgement
  • I can distinguish my desire for self punishment more easily and not engage in it
  • God’s universe is SOOOO amazing and I see things that I have never seen before
  • I am excited about possibilities and even feel that feeling my own pain could be possible (The Truth: God has made me perfectly to feel all my personal pain and I am totally capable of doing so.)
  • I am more able to relate to people without judgement and criticism as I am not trying so hard to avoid all the darkness within myself
  • I make/take time to reflect 
  • I am more likely to take a little more time and space than I usually do if a feeling does come up (I still like to avoid feeling and be ‘busy’ instead – but when I am present I notice in the moment and go ‘okay, why do you want to be so busy about this Eloisa?’)
  • Life is so much better
  • I am not so worried about what the whole world thinks of me ALL the time and am less conscious of myself for moments
  • I am just not so worried period.
  • I genuinely laughed the other day and think I experienced a moment of joy

When I am present I am more able to feel when I am afraid and when I am wanting to live IN the fear.

When I am present the whole world looks different.


It is so much better and all I have done is choose (not sure how to explain that as I have realised that my heart and head desires don’t match up often and so when people talk about choosing, I often ‘think’ I have chosen one thing but it is proven that emotionally I have not done so. I will tell you more about this as I learn and understand it as at this time I can only say I have noticed that my head and heart do not match up).

The things I have done differently which I feel have helped me to stay Present:

  • Prayed more 
  • Reminded myself of God’s Truth or how God feels on the matter (this is mostly intellectual for me at the moment but it really helps to remind myself)
  • Asked God, amongst other things, to show me what is blocking me giving love to God and receiving love from God
  • Asked God to help me grow sincere desires (for the things I want to know about or am avoiding)
  • I remind myself I am a Celestial in training and that I am in a process of refinement
  • Asked more sincerely to know about who I really am
  • Been more honest with myself 
  • what I see in others I am seeing in myself, instead of judging it look at WHY I want to be that way or take unloving actions
  • Have drunk heaps more water**
  • Actually breathed. breathed into my tummy(diaphragmatic breathing)
  • made time and space to self reflect on issues that are coming through the Law of Attraction
  • Listened or Read Divine Truth even just a snippet on the loo each day
  • Read more information on subjects including: faith, love, truth, courage, connecting to God, wholeheartedness, the Padgett messages and stories of people with these qualities or at least exploring these qualities 
  • Asked for guidance as to what Divine Truth’s I would benefit from hearing or focused on listening to Jesus’ Seminars on topics I am feeling challenged by or that are coming up in the Law of Attraction
  • journaled and honestly answered the following questions (not my own)***:

1.What events are currently happening in my life that demonstrate I am out of harmony with God’s Love and how have I attracted these events to my life?
2.What emotions within me are triggered by these events and are those emotions in harmony
with Truth and Love?
3.Do I feel any emotional or physical pain? If so, what reasons within my beliefs,emotions, desires or passions could there be for my experiencing this pain?
4.How do I portray myself to others, am I being emotionally truthful and open?
5.Am I still doing things that God or a Celestial angel would not do?
6.How do I really feel inside, and what tools am I using to deny my feelings?
7.Have all my actions been moral and ethical? If not, what is the emotional cause for my being immoral or unethical?
I realise that you may already have heard this information and if so this will merely be a reminder (which I always find helpful and hope you do too, smile).
I just thought that as it has made such a difference just to stay in my body I would like to share things that I feel have helped me out a little.
I would also like to note that I do not stay in my body all the time yet and I am noticing that I still disappear when I feel frightened, or feel that I could be potentially be afraid, when topics I want to avoid, am in denial about or feel uncomfortable about are discussed like sex or family, and under other circumstances. 
Things that happen when I choose to not be present and out of body and or living in fear:
  • Chunks of my hair get chopped off and I don’t even notice
  • The children have heaps more accidents
  • I hurt myself more
  • I self punish 
  • I punish others
  • I can’t remember conversations, events, experiences
  • I feel disconnected and alone
  • The house is a mess in two minutes
  • The kids get more demanding and needy
  • The kids start literally hanging off me, pulling me, whinging at me non stop
  • I get really angry about ‘nothing’
  • I can no longer think, or feel
  • it gets dangerous for both me and the kids – physical harm, spirit influence, harmful actions from me towards the children
  • I loose the children in the supermarket and they scream to find me
  • I can’t feel the beautiful man in my life
  • I get self absorbed and selfish
  • I no longer want to talk to Pete about anything
  • I want to be angry at Pete
  • The kids hurt and attack each other or me more
  • Animals attack us and chase us
  • The kids fall over out of the blue like someone has just knocked them down
  • Sometimes I go numb and if it is really bad I want to curl up avoid the world and go back to the ‘soulbank’
  • And many many many more things could be added to this list
I suppose you could say that going out of body for me is intricately linked with my desire to avoid my fear and terror. 
I feel that staying in my body is so worth while. I feel that often I ‘practice’ doing so and reminding myself to do so but even that helps!
I encourage you to experiment and try it for yourself, or to grow a desire to do so! It is SO worth it!!
* Brene Brown on ‘Ordinary Courage’
** Mary has a great post on staying connected to your Guides and Guardians and the things she mentions also help to stay present in your body

*** These questions come from Jesus’ paper ‘Facing Personal Truth’




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