To Be Real…

Dare to be real and authentic as I am! ‘Mustering’ courage to look at what is real and true. Try it, experiment… Who is the ‘real’ me. Who am I when I am not hiding or fabricating myself. Reveal the truth to myself without judgement, without ridicule, just as it is in this moment now…
Looking to others to find myself, looking to others to find answers, looking to others to define myself, looking to others to know who I am etc.etc, I am finding disappointing, confusing, un-helpful and taking me further away from me.  To truly know myself all of me and every little bit, I need to be willing to trust myself, be myself and look inside myself (God can help me and be with me in this process as she knows everything about me and much more. I am not alone – ever, smile, (the choice to be so is mine)).
A good place to start:  look in the mirror to find what is really there, as it is now…feel that as I discover it… Then the discovery of what is possible can begin and I can grow and flourish abundantly with God guiding me…That sounds pretty beautiful… what is the possibility of me? What is my potential? How does God see me? What is my true condition as God sees it NOW? What does God see my potential as? What will I be like, feel like, look like when I am perfect? (Wow! endless wonderings here!) What stands between me and God? what stands between me and God’s version of perfection?

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