Periodic Events: Divine Truth Seminars

DIVINE TRUTH SEMINARS are a gift that Jesus and Mary give to anyone with a desire to hear the beautiful teachings of Divine Truth and find out ‘how to’ walk The Way to God.
The basics being that there are two types of love – Divine Love which is given as a gift from God when we sincerely ask for it and transforms the soul and Natural Love or the love we can grow in our own souls with our own effort.
There are many more awesome teachings, discoveries, experiments and wonders within these teachings and if you are interested click on the following link to the Divine Truth website to discover more about
We periodically hold Divine Truth Seminars facilitated by Jesus and/or Mary. We also have been gifted time and resources from the Gods Way of Love Organisation who have run projects here and though the organisation itself has been disbanded at this time we plan to run similar projects under the same principles in the future.
Jesus and Mary give everything they do for free. If you desire to donate to them you can do so by visiting their website and or donating at their events. There is usually a donation box up the back of the venue.
For more information visit or Mary’s blog

Regular Events: Evening Discussion Group

The Evening Discussion Group is an opportunity to join others in a discussion on the Principles of Divine Truth as presented by Jesus and Mary. It is an opportunity to learn and for personal self reflection on how the Principles of Love and Truth apply to your life and how you can live them day to day. Or to reflect on how much we are lacking living in harmony with the Principles of Divine Truth and investigate (in our own time) the reasons why we choose to do so.

The format of the evening may vary with different facilitators as is their desire.
It may include (but is not limited to) watching, hearing, reading various excerpts of seminar talks given by Jesus and Mary and others on particular issues and to have an opportunity to discuss, learn and apply what we learn in our every day lives practically. An opportunity to discover more Truth, re-visit Truth we may or may not have heard, and encourage one another in living it every day.
There may be some self reflection exercises and/or questions for you to ponder, contemplate and apply before attending the Evening Discussion.
Check out the Events Page for Discussion Group meeting times and dates


Soul Experiment Series: What the Aphid’s Revealed

Comparison November 2012*:

20121103 Aphid infested kale plant
20121103 kale plant next to Aphid decimated one, no aphids in sight

Aphids are small amazing creatures that have a collective consciousness. They are most well known for sucking the life out of your plants and killing them. We did an experiment with the aphids. I had a plant indoors (American Watercress), it was sitting in the window and growing really well, I was looking forward to eating it and it giving me a tasty snack. A few days after I had brought it from the supermarket I noticed a couple of aphids on it. I was a little taken aback and awe struck about how an aphid could suddenly appear on a plant in my house ( I am still wondering about how this actually happened) Anyway over the next week the aphids took over and the plant was getting really hammered, eaten alive literally. I thought about many nasty ways to hurt the aphids and get rid of them. finally I put the plant outside and abandoned it thinking it was going to die. I checked it out a few days later and I was super surprised as suddenly the aphids had diminished in number. I felt sorry for the plant and somewhat guilty that I had just stuck it out in the cold so I brought it back in to see if it would grow again and heal.

I was telling our friends about this experience and in doing so had some really amazing revelations, the main one being that when it came down to it I was the Aphid. I was the one sucking the life out of things around me through my expectations and demands upon them. I was shocked and ashamed. But guess what? Some amazing things happened from just having this intellectual realisation! (Our friends were also telling us about goats and how accurately they reflect the soul condition of most humans on the plant at the moment – take, take, take, eat, eat, eat, constantly, they are never satisfied, never have had enough, greedy, wanting more, more, more, decimating everything that is in their environment and still eating. Like the aphids I also realised I am the goat – this is actually ironically funny in that my star sign is capricorn and I have always hated the fact that the symbol for that is a goat, but on this particular occasion ALL the associations lined right on up and I was horrifically amused, smile.)

When I realised this (I was mortified) I reflected upon what had happened with the watercress and the aphids: I had a demand and expectation that the plant would feed me, the aphids attacked, I unceremoniously and rather abruptly took the cress outside and abandoned it ‘cos it was not going to give me what I wanted from it, the aphids diminished in number, the plant that had been attacked perked up and began living again – my expectations had gone down due to thinking it was not going to be able to feed me and as my expectations and demands on the cress ceased so did the attack. When I brought it back into the house out of guilt, it didn’t thrive and it didn’t heal very well.

I decided after realising that I was a goat/aphid, that I would choose to love the cress and feel love for it without the expectation of eating it, without the demand that it would feed me. I found a lovely little spot at the bottom of our garden tap where water collects and made it a little bed to live in, I literally told it out loud I would not eat it and that it could live out it’s life as long as it liked in this nice moist spot, I also felt really sad that I had treated it so badly and apologised out loud form my heart. I am telling you it has gone from limp aphid attacked unhappy to thriving flourishing and happy. I am in awe of the power of my soul and at how similar to an aphid/goat I am – a demanding life sucker who expects to get everything I want immediately.

This was the cress after being outside a little while.
I will update this with a picture of the Cress now tomorrow.

Unfortunately I didn’t document that one so you’ll have to take my word for it, But I did take some pictures of a similar thing happening in our garden with aphids and the kale. (See top two images for best comparison of the kale up close).

20121008 can’t really see the difference but the left hand plant is getting sucked by the
aphids the right hand side is pretty much untouched – a few bite marks only.

There were 3 kale plants and one got decimated and two were left with only a few bite marks pretty much untouched by the aphid colony. We found if you squashed or tried to kill the aphids it was as if every single aphid felt attacked and was terrified that you were going to kill them too, so they began cloning and clone they did till the entire plant was covered in this amazing collective organism. What was interesting is that one plant got entirely covered and attacked and the others didn’t and they were right next to each other.

20121008 aphids up close
20121008 aphids on the stalk

Then a month later the ladybirds moved in.

20121103 Ladybirds and Aphids

Honestly it is as if all aphids are one aphid.

Aside: I notice this sometimes with the sheep, one sheep makes a decision and all the sheep make the same decision almost simultaneously, like they have been told, they can be half a kilometre away from each other and yet they still make the same decision. I was told sheep are dumb, but honestly my experience of sheep is that they are highly intelligent. They have been dumbed down a lot due to domestication but gee whizz, sheep are smart, they are also athletic. We have one dude who easily high jumps the sheep yards without touching the top bar. I am telling you they are super duper cool! Just like aphids.

I think aphids are awesome and due to their helpfulness in highlighting some issues of love I need to look at I am even more grateful to them. I am also in awe of the precision and total perfectness of God’s love, God’s Laws and feedback system. I am still coming to terms with how powerful my soul is and how instantly animals and plants respond to the love or error that is within it!!

I encourage you to take notice of the living environment around you and the effect your soul (both loving and unloving) is having upon it! It is fascinating, revealing and you can learn so much about your self and God through the process!

*This happened last year, it has taken me some months to actually record it and post it.

Soul Experiment Series: Piggy Bumps

piggy bumps/God’s ploughs – pigs
We have some friends in the animal kingdom who are reflecting to us and showing us about our soul injuries. The creatures we are talking about are Pigs. The kids love the pigs, they are cute and funny and there are heaps on our place. They are excellent ploughs and create fabulous maddocked areas all ready for planting. We were driving around the property the other day and going over their earth works which Izabella named ‘piggy bumps’.
pig tracks
A little background on the pigs:
Pigs are an introduced species in Australia and unless domesticated and being bred for meat are regarded as feral and are shot religiously, feral animals in Australia are culled by law. In fact our nearest little biggish town is renowned for being the capital of the pig hunter. We periodically have calls from people who want to come and shoot the pigs and other feral or ‘pest’ animals on the property. Unfortunately what we are doing by shooting the ‘problem’ is preventing the Law of Attraction and exasperating the problem, here’s how: When we shoot the pigs (or any animal) the emotion that drives that actually causes the pigs to replicate like wildfire. The more we attack them the more they’ll replicate (see loving eco systems talks for more detailed information).
An aside: We did a course a short while back on animal rehabilitation and it is recommended that any non native animal brought in injured or found needs to be destroyed – put down/killed – you are not to rehabilitate them as you are not supposed to release them back into the wild – you can keep them in enclosures if you want to but it was not recommended. This felt really off to us as it is just reinforcing the emotions that are creating the problems in the first place. It was an eye opener though to our own personal desires and desire as a nation to eradicate the effects of our creations rather than deal with the causes.
For the last five or so years we have stopped shooting any animals on the place and begun looking at what our souls are creating and what the animals are reflecting. We believe that animals reflect us – humans – thus their behaviour is directly linked to us. Unfortunately the more they are attacked and shot the more they breed and the more they destroy, they are aggressive animals rather than passive and go into overdrive breeding wise when attacked (refer to loving eco system talks for more detailed information on aggressive organisms and why they do this.) We are noticing that many of the introduced so called ‘feral’ animals do this in comparison to the native animals that actually do not prolifically breed when attacked.
So how does this relate to us? We have been looking at why this happens and why we have attracted it into our lives. Firstly we found out that we do not love all God’s creatures equally. In each of the four souls on the property have favourites and treat different creatures differently. Pigs have been killed and are deemed a pest. When we stopped the contract shooting of pigs on the property we began enjoying the pigs, (they are like barrels on legs, very quiet and really amusing and funny when you come across them) but the emotions have not completely healed/changed within us. There are still fears amongst other things. When we heal the errors within us the pigs will not feel the need to attack the land or breed as rapidly and intensively as they are now. They are showing us things that we may not have seen otherwise, reflecting a whole heap inside of our souls we need to heal.
Recently we haven’t found them so amusing and realise we still have issues to work through in regards to the favouritism emotions and how we feel about ‘feral’, domesticated, wild, native, all different species of creature.

We went out to Standbye paddock a couple of months ago (one of the Summerfest project sites) and we were quite simply devastated to say the least. In fact we felt like giving it all up and that the whole world was working against us. We felt that everything we create gets destroyed and that it was a waste of everyone’s time who helped out if it was going to be all ruined.
Our friends the pigs had been in the paddock and literally dug up dam walls, trees, rooted through newspaper, everything had been foraged. Physically we could say that is the moist parts, etc etc, BUT we went a little deeper and had our beautiful friends visiting, Jesus and Mary, who were able to tell us exactly what in our soul was creating this (as we did not want to see it ourselves at the time and had gone into self punishment and shutdown numb mode for a time) What a gift from AJ and Mary!!.
We have emotions within us of feeling that:
  • Things that we love and create get destroyed,
  • Why even do anything if it is going to all get ruined
  • and the feeling that if we involve others in projects here we are to blame for the loss of their time and effort.
  • How we feel we are to blame when we are attacked and somehow we must have done something wrong and it is our fault
  • Our willingness to accept attack and our unwillingness to feel the grief of being attacked (by someone, something, spirits) causes more attack.

These were a few of the emotions exposed within us for us to feel through which brought us closer to the stuff inside of our souls that needs to be healed in order to care  for the land and animals in our care more effectively.

Jesus had also suggested fencing the areas we were planting down but we chose not too, thinking that it was only the sheep that would be a problem and we would solve that by keeping them out of the paddock. The irony is we thought fences control the sheep when it is actually our souls and this goes the same for the pigs. We are missing a big truth about our soul and how powerful it is. Jesus saw much more than we did and we did not choose to follow his direction on this one and thus set ourselves up to be open to self punishment which we ended up going into with the damage that was done.
We did not see the wild animals as under our control. We saw the fences as the method of control not our souls and the piggies showed us this loud and clear.
We learnt some valuable lessons:
  • Don’t be afraid to see my soul’s true condition at the time and make the appropriate compensation in love, for its condition with as much effort as possibly can at the time.
  • Know I can’t trust my feelings while I have injuries and errors around certain things. If I know I need time to deal with the feelings/emotions and if I have not dealt with them then make some compensatory effect that is loving that gives me time to deal with the feelings while still allowing for the growth to occur.
  • Everything is not always our fault. We are not responsible for everything that goes wrong. Everyone who works on the property contributes to what happens it is a collective law of attraction the areas that have had the gift of volunteers and our time.
  • It has not been a waste of time. It was an awesome and valid project that has highlighted areas where we need to patch up ‘holes’ and feel through emotions that are out of harmony with Love and Truth.
  • Find the reason WHY these things happen so we can feel through the emotions within us and no longer have the holes that allow the attack in the first place.
  • Pray for a willingness to see the things we do not want to see or ‘cannot’ see, if we cannot see them we cannot heal them. So grow the desire to see everything about yourself ( I reckon I need to grow some big humility for this one!!!)
  • Keep working on our favouritism emotions and get to a place where we love every creature equally (this needs to extend to loving every one of our brothers and sisters equally and all God’s creations equally. At this time we do not.)
reptile heaven piggy digging
reptile heaven piggy diggying
It happened again on the 21st May at the bottom of reptile heaven. It was triggered by a specific emotion or set of emotions at a specific time and the end result was what is seen in the photos. The beauty of this is that we could trace it back to what we were feeling just before it happened. The pigs have never been in this close to the houses and where we live. We were shocked and devastated again, highlighting that the emotions mentioned above have not yet been healed.
We thought you may be interested in how the soul affects everything around it and how our soul attracts events to highlight things we don’t want to see, God is continuously wanting to refine us in Love and to teach us about growing closer to her. This is an example of that process and how when the injuries exist within us they are played out through the Law of Attraction. It also highlights how our souls influence every creature around us.
Reptile heaven Piggy bumps (or pig digging/destruction):

Soul Experiment Series : Asparagus and Cucumber Observations

This is an observation Pete made while transplanting some asparagus.
He was transplanting a whole heap of little seedlings with much joy, love and excitement. Pete loves seeds and plants and planting. After filling a couple of rows he began to feel like he didn’t want to plant anymore and that he couldn’t be bothered. But he felt obligated and thought that it wouldn’t be okay to just throw a whole heap of little seedlings out and not transplant. So he continued to plant them but no longer with joy, love and excitement.
a few days later he went up to the nursery and he noticed this:
20120620 Asparagus observation

Where he had planted with love they were growing and thriving. Where he had lost his joy and felt obligated they all died (as can be clearly seen in the picture above). This is a reminder about what happens when we don’t want to do something or feel obligated. It is better to do it when we have an intention of love and a desire to do it, if we don’t, maybe look we need to look at the reasons why it is absent.

Observation of the cucumbers:

This was another observation Pete made. He loves cucumbers and so far all of them have been eaten or something has happened to them where they have not grown well, died, or decimated to oblivion (over the last 2 years).

This year he planted them with tree guards to protect them. He went out and noticed they had all been chomped up by various creatures in the garden (unfortunately I don’t have a photograph of the extent of the chomping, but I am sure if you have had a slug/snail attack you can imagine what it looked like, imagine half a leaf or so left). He decided that he would try an experiment. Pete took the guards off and put them just beside the cucumber plants as a wind break, the cucumbers did not get attacked and have grown and produced cucumbers this year without attack.

It would seem that his over protection created attack. Also the tree guards create a little warm micro climate for the slugs, snails and other little creatures to safely eat and be protected while doing so.

We don’t suggest not to use tree guards under certain conditions and circumstances but we do suggest to examine your intentions and feelings around plants that you plant. We are noticing when we have demands, expectations upon plants and the intention for them to grow for us so we can eat them rather than just love and grow plants that they often get eaten and attacked.

We are noticing that often just by realising these things that the results change. It is the feelings in us that dictate what happens around us we feel. Our soul is a powerful creator (and destroyer when out of harmony with love we are noticing). We are finding it a fascinating observation and experiment to notice how we affect the environment around us.

Cucumber (20121103)
cucumber with tree guard beside it as a
windbreak. (Nov 2012)
Same view as above with cucumbers and cucumber vine (Jan 2013)
cucumber from above (has tinged yellow leaves from being so dry – we do
not water our garden and it has been stressed with the extreme heat of late.)
This is a reflection of our soul condition also at this time. (Jan 2013)