Soul Experiment Series : Asparagus and Cucumber Observations

This is an observation Pete made while transplanting some asparagus.
He was transplanting a whole heap of little seedlings with much joy, love and excitement. Pete loves seeds and plants and planting. After filling a couple of rows he began to feel like he didn’t want to plant anymore and that he couldn’t be bothered. But he felt obligated and thought that it wouldn’t be okay to just throw a whole heap of little seedlings out and not transplant. So he continued to plant them but no longer with joy, love and excitement.
a few days later he went up to the nursery and he noticed this:
20120620 Asparagus observation

Where he had planted with love they were growing and thriving. Where he had lost his joy and felt obligated they all died (as can be clearly seen in the picture above). This is a reminder about what happens when we don’t want to do something or feel obligated. It is better to do it when we have an intention of love and a desire to do it, if we don’t, maybe look we need to look at the reasons why it is absent.

Observation of the cucumbers:

This was another observation Pete made. He loves cucumbers and so far all of them have been eaten or something has happened to them where they have not grown well, died, or decimated to oblivion (over the last 2 years).

This year he planted them with tree guards to protect them. He went out and noticed they had all been chomped up by various creatures in the garden (unfortunately I don’t have a photograph of the extent of the chomping, but I am sure if you have had a slug/snail attack you can imagine what it looked like, imagine half a leaf or so left). He decided that he would try an experiment. Pete took the guards off and put them just beside the cucumber plants as a wind break, the cucumbers did not get attacked and have grown and produced cucumbers this year without attack.

It would seem that his over protection created attack. Also the tree guards create a little warm micro climate for the slugs, snails and other little creatures to safely eat and be protected while doing so.

We don’t suggest not to use tree guards under certain conditions and circumstances but we do suggest to examine your intentions and feelings around plants that you plant. We are noticing when we have demands, expectations upon plants and the intention for them to grow for us so we can eat them rather than just love and grow plants that they often get eaten and attacked.

We are noticing that often just by realising these things that the results change. It is the feelings in us that dictate what happens around us we feel. Our soul is a powerful creator (and destroyer when out of harmony with love we are noticing). We are finding it a fascinating observation and experiment to notice how we affect the environment around us.

Cucumber (20121103)
cucumber with tree guard beside it as a
windbreak. (Nov 2012)
Same view as above with cucumbers and cucumber vine (Jan 2013)
cucumber from above (has tinged yellow leaves from being so dry – we do
not water our garden and it has been stressed with the extreme heat of late.)
This is a reflection of our soul condition also at this time. (Jan 2013)

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