Poem: who is, who was

Who is this woman under the mask
Who was this girl with an open heart

What was she like
Did she find her voice
Did she express herself with no regret

Does she dance
Does she sing
Does she enjoy the things she’s done

Does she regret
Does she feel bad
Does she feel sad

Does she know the truth
Does she desire to love

Who is the woman hidden under the shroud
Who was this girl with a passionate heart

What did she like
How did she sound
Did she express herself
Was she ever found

Does she worry
Does she wonder
Did she find the way
Via her desire

Who is this woman shut down with worry
Who was this girl who desired and spoke her truth

Did she discover
What did she hear
What was in her heart
How did she express herself

Does she fear
Is she angry
Does she grieve
Release her error?

Who is this woman hiding herself
Who is the girl expressing herself

Conflict forming
One will triumph
The other learn the cost of silence

Love rules gently
Softly beckoning
A whispered feeling
To those sensitive to hear it

See me truly
Who am I really
No longer hidden
Truth sort by a passionate heart brings freedom

Eloisa, 27 December 2020, 8:54pm

Thanks to pexels.com for these images