Poem: On The Surface

We met on the surface

I long to dive deeper
Explore the depths and murkiness
To wade in deep
Among the weed and mudiness

To swim
To plummet
To sink
To the depths

And once I have felt all that lies hidden below
I want to rise to the surface but not to remain there

Rather, like a dragon fly nymph transformed
Spread my wings and sore into the air
Explore the world above the surface and discover the delights of the unknown

Will you join me hand in hand
Or will you remain suspended on the surface refusing to dive deep or soar to great heights

The choice is yours
My hand’s extended
I choose below, above, but not between, not stagnant nor suspended

We met on the surface

And now I leave you floating
Alone until you make a choice to sink, to rise
Or maybe you will remain content to merely skim the surface of your life

Eloisa, 27 December 2020, 23:21

Thanks to pexels.com for this image