Poem: 4 am

4 am awake again
Sleep interrupted
By worry and judgement

Awoken in the stillest moment, not too busy, no distraction
(Sometimes spirit friends communicate with me)

Quiet and still the only other sounds are amphibians and insects speaking
Cool night air steals in softly, gentle caress

My thoughts are rapid, my body tired
Too much thinking, not enough feeling
Leaves me restless, uncertain, freaking
Highlights feelings I avoid in the daylight

Experiences in both spirit and physical bodies stored in the soul for when awareness opens
This morning, again, I remain unconscious of my full life

Remnant feelings provide clues as to my nightly activities
Dreams provide crumbs to follow, reflect & explore

Finally, I fall asleep once more as the birds start chirruping
A brief reprieve before I wake again to start the busy caught up day

And then on repeat like a spinning record

4 am awake again
Sleep interrupted
By worry and judgement….

Eloisa, 21 December 2020, 4.00 am