March 2018 Update From Eloisa

Hi Everyone!

Firstly I want to thank those of you who donate to me regularly or from time to time. Your donations they are most appreciated.

Currently the donations you contribute I allocate to and/or spend on equipment or materials for projects (such as covering costs including tools & resources for environmental projects or the Volunteer Selection Project) or they contribute to my basic living costs.

I am grateful to Jesus for providing the opportunities I am involved in and which generate the donations I receive.

Website updates

I have recently updated the donations page.

Click on the link to take you to the donations page which has all the details of how to donate if you so desire.

Peter and I have separate bank accounts and the details have been changed to reflect this.

The methods currently available to donate include:

Direct bank transfer – you need a bank account

Transferwise – you need a transferwise account – you need a paypal account

What I have been up to

Every second week I volunteer my time at the Divine Truth Studio where I receive many gifts including personal feedback and training in so many areas from cleaning to how systems and the structures of Divine Truth are set up and run. I aim is to learn the principles and fundamentals and as much information as i can absorb as much as possible so that I can train others in how to set up and run the same systems Divine Truth runs for God’s Way.

I feel so grateful to Mary and Jesus and can’t quite believe that I get to do what I really love doing as “work” every day in my life! I feel so lucky to spend time with people who love and live God’s Way every day.

Jesus and Mary have generously gifted their time, resources and training in many areas, some of which include:

  • How to run an effective organisation
  • How to create structure for documentation, data collection, data sortage
  • How to be an effective director of an organisation
  • Accounting and finances training
  • Audio and video production
  • Clear communication skills (ongoing)
  • Morality and ethics pertaining to company operations adn in dealing with others
  • How important structure and having a framework is
  • Personal emotional assistance in regards to personal relationships, and areas that are impacting soul growth and being a truly effective volunteer

Thank you to Lena Shakhanova for paying forward what has learned from Jesus and investigated independently about audio and video production.

With the team at the Divine Truth Studio I learn many new things every day!


God’s Way Ltd

God’s Way is a company that was incorporated in 2016. I feel passionate about this organisation and what it desires to achieve. It is the only organisation I know of that desires to put the theory of God’s Truth into action and practically demonstrate it, document it and share that for free with the world.

Jesus has spent many, many hours creating the constitution and setting up God’s Way organisation.

I would like to thank Jesus and Mary (founding members) for their vision and for leading the organisation. I also thank the members and those who donate and give gifts to God’s Way for having faith in the vision and fundamentals of the organisation when it is not yet tried and tested.

Over the next couple of years I would like to become a far more involved member and be able to truly lead rather than sit back and ride the coattails of the founding members!

Volunteer Selection Project

I feel really excited about this project.

The purpose is to find passionate individuals who desire to give gifts to the world and Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

The first project was run in October to December 2017. I learned so much about interacting with people and how to do all the things necessary to run a programme for a group of people. I really enjoyed co-creating the programme and learning about each participant.

Thanks to Jesus, Mary and Tristan for the opportunity and co-creation of this project. I really enjoy working with you guys!

Thank you to all the people who signed up and participated!

Tristan and I are looking forward to facilitating the next Volunteer Project which begins March 15th.

More information about the Volunteer Selection Projects can be found at God’s Way website Link.

20171130-093055-Volunteer Selection Program 1 The Feedback Day.jpg

Volunteer Selection Project (OCT 2017) Feedback day


Volunteer Selection Project (October 2017) Participants during the Cushnie Environmental Centre Clean up day


Volunteer Selection Project (October 2017) Tristan setting up for participant Benefit the World presentations

Developing relationships, family debriefs with children

I have begun to question what it means to actually be a parent from God’s Perspective. I had it all addiction focused (back to front) – about what I wanted and should be given rather than about giving and learning about love and God’s Truth. Recently I have begun to want to develop a relationship with the children rather than get them to love me or do what I want.

I have been conducting an experiment over the past 5 months with the kids. In December 2017 I realised that I didn’t know how the kids were really feeling or what they were thinking. I also noticed a huge gap in their communication skills and interpersonal interaction. Partly this was due to the self-absorbed-ness I have encouraged in them and part of it was due to their lack of education in how to actually interact with other people.

We began what I call “family meetings” or “debriefs”. These are helping me to see a lot about what is happening in our family and the children to become more confident in expressing their thoughts and opinions. Currently they are willing to speak to me about how they feel, part two will be about learning to interact honestly and openly with others and after that it will be about growing desire to change. I want to encourage an environment where the kids know they can speak with me about anything at all and that God’s Truth is a sure way to work through issues. I want to be open truthful and transparent with them and honour God’s Truth over my own (that is the aspiration).

More can be read about the experiment in the post called Developing Relationships: Family Meetings/Debriefs. Link.


Personal experiences and reflections

I want to acknowledge the feedback I receive from many sources, my friends, God’s Laws, the conscience (am experimenting with this), God, spirit friends (experimenting with this), even malevolent spirits (in the moment I am not that happy, but in hindsight you guys are unwittingly helping me out), pretty much everything I encounter is a feedback system. It is helping me grow and I am grateful!

What I have been experimenting with, and aspire to, in bullet points:

  • honouring God’s Truth over my own
  • having a passionate desire to love (grow the aspiration so it is solid and immovable)
  • truthful, honest, clear communication
  • telling the truth to my partner no matter what
  • upholding truth no matter what
  • sticking to the real issues rather than getting suckered into other issues
  • uphold the truth in my home environment (for myself and family)
  • making the time to feel how I feel when I feel it
  • facing up to some of my addictions and co-dependence
  • seeing what I am really like
  • differentiating between facts/reality (God’s Truth) and my feelings
  • feeling my feelings but not holding onto them as the truth
  • finding out where I am lying to myself and telling myself stories
  • challenge my desire to not take action on what I know to be loving and true

I have noticed that often truths are shared and we act out in our injuries or addictions immediately.

I also notice once a truth about a behaviour i engage is pointed out to me I begin to notice when I do it. Once I know about something I know and then it keeps on popping up in my thoughts all the time.

It happened to me 2 days ago. Jesus was speaking about telling the truth and how it is a sin not too tell it and another sin to justify why I don’t tell the truth.

The beauty of it was that I could see what I was doing and how “automatically” I did it. There was me intentionally sinning by not telling the truth right there and then in the moment after Jesus had spoken about it.

“Disobeying God’s Principles of Truth, not telling the actual truth is a sin.”

paraphrased from Jesus 2018

While I fight my addictions and resistances the experience can feel extremely uncomfortable. Once I know something I can’t unknow it and I begin to notice it. I am more aware about each time I dont don’t tell the truth and I know in that moment I made an active choice to sin (I was previously justifying that choice now I know that is a sin too). The question is now I know, what am I going to do about it?

Feeling feelings

Over the last few months I have discovered that feelings can come out of us naturally and easily. This doesn’t happen all the time for me, but it has happened which means it can happen again.

When we want to know about how we treat others, ourselves and or how we have been treated, God shows us through all kinds of sources and ways, it is then our choice to feel or not. Even when we don’t want to know, God kindly has provision to tell us, we often choose to be insensitive which us sad as we misd the benefits. God’s Laws are actively helping us to become sensitive and aware if we engage them.

The benefits of honest communication

At the end of the last Volunteer Selection Project (Dec 2017) Tris began an experiment with the participants on engaging real communication.

Basically this is being real with what you think, feel, want, intend and desire and saying that, straight up, no fluff or extras.

I have been trying it with myself.

Clear communication has benefits:

  • Telling the truth, with an intention to love, clearly is a loving act
  • It feels good to tell the truth
  • It brings up feelings for me in the moment
  • It can create conflict which provides an opportunity for growth and change ( depending on choices)
  • I am able to be clearer in my communication
  • Less room for intepretation and mis understanding
  • Less wasted time as we get to the point quickly
  • Find out rapidly where we do not love as God loves
  • Can reflect why I don’t clearly communicate and situations where I avoid it and work out the reasons why. Why? Or “Why do I…?” (fill in what you do) is a powerful

So in a sentence telling the Truth and a desire to Love helps us grow.

All the Best,


20180307 Eloisa Photos pre 2006 orig 026

Eloisa approx. age 11-12

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