I received some fashion advice some months ago, that has radically changed my wardrobe and how I feel about myself.

My wardrobe is going through a process of becoming a place that everything I own, I actually like, it suits me and I feel comfortable and more confident in it and it is easy care.

I have lacked education about fashion, what suits me, style and colouring and how to express my personality through clothing.

The basic principles of fashion

Thanks Jesus for the fashion advice!

The basics apply to both men and women. To purchase an item of clothing it must meet ALL of the following criteria

  • Comfort – it must be comfortable, if it isn’t don’t buy it. So much clothing is uncomfortable

  • Cut of the clothing- suits your body shape and fits well, makes the most of your unique body shape

  • Colour – to suit your skin tones and colouring

  • Fabric – feels nice, wears well, comfortable, flattering

  • Care – is easy to care for, and you aware of what it will take to look after it if it’s not? (washing, ironing, delicate fabrics etc)

I am finding that it takes a bit of experimenting and testing about what you like, what suits you and what you feel comfortable in.

Ways to trial new things

Clothes swaps – clean out your wardrobe, get together with friends and circulate the clothing that no longer fits or suits you, it may look great on one of your friends (there are some items that may need to be composted and feed microbes because they don’t suit anyone or might be too old to pass on).

Thrift stores – opportunity shops (thrift stores) are a great way to trial new styles. If you find you don’t like what you bought you can take it back for someone else. You can donate your old clothes to these stores to recycle them.

Friends – try on other people’s clothes (with their permission) to see if they suit you.

Trial shopping – Go to stores and try on all the different outfits, this is a practical research assignment! (take an honest friend who loves you! Most shop assistant’s, in my experience, are not honest and don’t understand what looks good on different shapes, sizes, skin tones etc.)

Photograph yourself in lots of different outfits and see what colours, cut, style suit you.

Other notes

For women finding good comfortable bras that create a nice shape is recommended!

For men, I reckon the same advice applies, not the bras, but comfy clothes that meet all the criteria. often men’s fashion is comfier but more limited in colours and styles.

I have found I don’t have any photos of me in my new gear, I am usually taking photos not a subject in photos.

Here are some of the outfits from years gone by.





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