Benefits of Being Truthful


Being Truthful* encourages others to be Truthful.

Truthful, Love* based words, thoughts, actions, deeds, intentions and motivations have huge potential to create positive change.

Note: Love and Truth are linked when I mention Truth in this post.

Being Truthful creates opportunity for others to be truthful.

Being Truthful is real.

Being Truthful brings relief.

Being Truthful simplifies life.

Being Truthful brings up emotion, which when allowed to flow and be experienced fully has the possibility to change your soul condition.

Being Truthful encourages emotion.

Living a Love based Truthful life creates change in a positive direction for self and others.

Honouring God’s Truth helps me feel less resentful.

Without Truth nothing can change.

Lying to yourself is long term painful. Being Truthful with yourself, though it may expose pain, if you feel that then it gradually becomes less painful. I notice my opinion of myself becomes more positive and fears are not as scary when the Truth about them is revealed.

In my opinion, God’s Truth is a life saver and growing happiness creator.

To really love someone you must be Truthful.

Truth and a desire to Love ( as God Loves) is the basis for real, love based, close relationships.

I suspect there are infinite benefits of being truthful and transparent.


Emotional Truthfulness

I had the opportunity to experience my friends doing Mediumship this week and the people (spirits) who came to speak inspired me to write about the power of being Truthful and honest.

As these people  shared their experiences, resistances, and selves in an open, honest, truthful manner I noticed how I felt, and how when they just stated what they felt without embellishment or minimization helped me connect to my own resistances and feelings. I felt an opportunity and “allowance” or permission in myself to do the same.

I reflected how when others in my life are Loving, Truthful,  direct, honest, to the point, say it and feel it like it is, it encourages me to do the same and brings up emotion ( for all kinds of reasons). I left feeling inspired to become a consistent Truth seeker and Truth speaker.

In the following days I experienced that speaking the Truth of how I am feeling and honouring my experience of how I feel, as I am feeling it, brings up emotion more easily.

I often have conversations with myself and notice when I speak truth with the feeling I genuinely have about what I am saying out loud I often get emotional without “effort”. The emotion just comes up and then its up to me to honour that I feel as I do and go and feel it.

I have been experimenting with honouring feelings in the moment they come up, with some findings i find interesting:

If I allow myself to go and privately feel what I feel in the moment I often gain insight and a little clarity about the situation. I also am discovering that it opens me up to acknowledging how I really feel about things rather than what I want to think I feel about things.

I feel less resentful.

If I choose not to feel in the moment, I feel exhausted, I “go away from myself”, numb out, become disconnected and engage in addictive frenzy based behaviours.

So above are a few benefits I can see of being Truthful, allowing emotion to flow and to…

Just be True!

I am so grateful to know people who are Truthful, honour God’s Truth and uphold Love. Who encourage me through their example to Love, be Truthful and stand for things that are good and right.

I have friends who set an example of living a truthful, love based life and they inspire me to do the same.

With Love From

A girl who is growing a desire to be True

By Izzy, 2017

* God’s version of Love and Truth

* when I use the word Truthful i refer to the whole package, words, emotions and feelings. Being emotionally truthful and emotionally “raw” is what I want to explore.

* Intentions need to be considered and Love engaged with Truth. When I mention Truth above I am linking it with the assumption of having a desire to love as God loves.

This definition of Love and Truth is based on Principle’s of God’ Truth as taught by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. More information can be found at:


2016 ELH

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