Trenches & Holes

God's Way

DCIM100GOPROGOPR6800. Drone photo courtesy of Legor Productions

Recently we undertook a project creating large trenches on a couple of properties.

Jesus suggested the idea, and directed us. He was going to do some large holes filled with matter at his place and Pete and I decided we would really like to do the same at our place. We also wanted help out in the process at Jesus & Mary’s to gain some valuable training and make use of the earth moving equipment in the area. We felt it was a great opportunity to get the project started, learn about project management, execution, following direction and a whole heap of other stuff.

Here’s the break down of the process for your information.

Why (including but not limited to…):

  • To benefit the land by retaining water to slowly seep down hill from the trenches and holes. This re-hydrates the land. The more water…

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