Extract From a Letter

f7090-scan0052From a letter expressing thoughts on rage, sexual abuse, and parenting amongst other things:

“Rage leaves children open to huge amounts of attack and any darkness (people with dark intentions) that desires to connect and interfere with them. Sexual abuse is attracted due to both parents unhealed emotions and the denial of emotions leaves children unprotected emotionally and physically.

Often parents say they love their children but I notice their actions show that under pressure they are more concerned about themselves and avoiding various emotions, example avoiding rage by doing what an angry person demands or not being firm when they are manipulating. Unfortunately every time we do what an angry person wants, every time we bow to fear and manipulation we reinforce the unloving behaviour. This is very damaging to ourselves and others and we need to look at why we are so afraid to stand up to these people who throw their emotions around.

The reason why we desire to not confront unloving behaviours is within us and when we don’t stand up for Love and Truth we become responsible for aiding the creation of people who abuse others – raging, overtly or passive aggressively, at another person in my experience is abusive.

I feel we need to learn to stop pandering to abusers and stop taking our emotions out on others who are not the responsible for their creation in the first place.

Each of us have the opportunity to make positive change and I encourage you to do so.

I feel sexual abuse is so insidious. It is so damaging and the only way we are going to change and stop the cycle is to find and then heal emotionally the causal reasons why it happens in the first place. Coming ‘to terms with it’ or learning to ‘live with it’ doesn’t heal it, from what I hear only emotionally releasing it does, which makes sense when it was an emotional interaction that created in the first place.

I sincerely wish you courage to stop the abuse cycle. To feel the emotions that contribute to the attraction of abuse. When sexual abuse happens to a child it is an issue for both parents to heal – between each other and also from childhood. It is not just one or the other who is responsible, it is a collective attraction for both parents.

As parents I feel we need to have the courage to be honest with ourselves about what we are really doing to our kids. Not hold onto our investments of what we would like to believe we are doing. We need to have the courage to stand up for Truth and Love and to actually be sincere in looking at ourselves as we really are rather than what we desire to believe ourselves to be.

Any feelings we are denying or suppressing get absorbed and reflected back to us by our children. We need to grow the courage to see what our children are reflecting to us about ourselves, be humble and grow the courage to love and stand up for principles rather than remaining self absorbed and marinating in our fears.

My prayer is that each individual on the entire planet grows the desire to Love!

That would be the fastest way to change the world!

 And what a world it would be if everyone honored God’s Truth and Loved!”

* Written by Eloisa 20150524


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