Laneway Regeneration Project 2011

This was one of our first swale experiments.
We had a huge amount of rain that eroded the laneway* leaving huge holes and cut outs. Some erosion on the property could literally fit a car in it (unfortunately we do not have photos of that section).
We decided that we needed to do something that would stop erosion and also regenerate the land at the same time. We decided on swaling the area, planting it out with primary regeneration flora, including wattles, and a variety of native trees and shrubs, mulching and watering the plants and swales we fenced the area off and left it to do what it does.
Below are some before and after images:
The swales just having been planted out 2011. (Top section of the laneway).
20130206 Photo of laneway regeneration project today
20130206 a swale with some trees doing pretty well so far
erosion after heavy rains 2011 (Bottom section of the
 erosion section after heavy rains 2011 (Bottom section)
The area we swaled and planted out, just after planting 2011
(Bottom section of the laneway)
The same section as above December 2012
(Bottom section of the laneway)

It has been really interesting observing this section of laneway. The trees have grown rapidly and well, there has not been a lot of loss of plants. There are many types of different grasses coming up of their own occurred and they are much taller than on other areas of the property.
We also observed some interesting links between plants and the people who planted them. In the top section of the laneway we planted a variety of native shrubs and trees. We noticed that the banksias in the top section were all getting eaten by animals. We couldn’t work it out as banksias are spiky and not the usual tree of choice that animals prefer, (they do not have the softest leaves). We were discussing it and found out that the person who had planted many of the trees had a favourite and those were the banksias. We found it interesting that the ‘favourite’ had been attacked and eaten.
We had another experience in a different section of the land where a similar thing happened. Many trees were planted and many of them died. It was interesting to observe that all those people who planted out the sections had the feeling when planting that they had to ‘get a job done’, there feelings were based on outcome and ‘get as much done as possible’ rather than taking time and having a desire to love and give to the trees and the land.

*A laneway is a fenced space like a roadway that links up many of the paddocks on the property and is easy for the stock to walk to and from the woolshed.

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