Aphids & Me

Archive post: Written on 21 September 2012


I have had a colony of aphids on some plants that I have specifically grown (and wanted to eat) so I have been thinking about them quite a bit because I wanted to know why aphids are eating the plants I have planted and not those that Pete planted.

A friend of mine mentioned that aphids don’t actually eat the plant like a caterpillar they suck the juice or life out of it through its juices. So I latched quickly onto this idea and that this is what I felt often about myself and so it was showing this to me.

Then some time later during a discussion with some very wonderful people (Jesus & Mary) I got a bit more of an idea which feels more truthful and I am investigating further, this is where the investigation starts:

It is not what is happening to me, it is what I am doing to the plants and the environment. I am like the aphid (my soul based emotional state). I am the one sucking the life out of things and I am in competition with the insects for the food. I have some big attachments to the plants I grow and they never seem to flourish, they grow but not abundantly and how could you when there is impatience, demand, ‘I want to eat you’ feelings projected at them constantly. I know if and when those things are projected at me I find it pretty challenging to grow so why is it different with a plant? It is an intelligent living organism too.

I am now reflecting about what my real emotions towards the plants and the natural environment are and wow they are selfish (not loving). I have been telling myself I have been giving when actually I am taking most of the time via wanting my addictions met, wanting my unloving desires satisfied.

My soul, beliefs, and feelings effect the environment so much.

Aphids & ladybirds on a plant in our garden.

Aphid infestations on plants in our garden.

Link to wikipedia information on aphids.

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