Poem: All Over the Place

I feel angry, happy, scared, delighted, I feel fury, tearful, grief stricken, mad, unremarkable

I cry, I rage, I laugh, I shake

I’m all over which way and somewhat discombobulated

Searching, scratching, digging, pulling, tugging, flipping, slip sliding, wondering, pondering, smoldering and skipping

All of these feelings stirred up & eruptin’

Better get used to the bubbling and fizzing things were absorbed while I was a teeny little ‘un

Now it’s bout time for them all to be fizzaling

No longer clueless

No longer to be stuck

Givin’ up on compliance, not accepting oppression

It’s me and me fully, my own self-expression, passions, desires and all kinds of discover’n

This soul is me

What have I been missing?

 Eloisa, 19 December 2020