There is SO much I don’t Know…

This post was written on 14 September, 2014.

Note: For some reason I never published this post. I found it in my drafts, and as I am listening to the most recent Assistance Group material from 2019, I thought I would post it with links to all the Assistance Groups. Thank you to Jesus and Mary for the Assistance Group material, when sincerely applied it is life changing! (November 2020)

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We recently attended an ‘Assistance Group’* run by Jesus, Mary and Cornelius.

It was GREAT!

I left feeling inspired and quietly confident in the process that God has created for us to grow in Love.

Usually I leave a seminar or hearing God’s Truth, going “Yes! this is so great I am going to do this every day and I am going to tell the world! I can’t wait!!”

Then I head out and something happens, like I get an attacking email, or someone says something condescending to me when I tell them how excited I am, or some other attraction comes my way to show me where I have some healing to do. Fears comes up and I make them my ‘god’; I scurry on home and ‘hide’, forgetting all my good intentions and ‘I’m going to’s…’ and instead I hide and withdraw from the world, instead of grieving the attack.

This time I feel if I take one step, and another and another and another, if I pray** and use my will to love and grow a real relationship with God there is a high possibility of change that can take place in my life.

So I am exploring.

I am checking out what it actually means to have a real relationship with God. How do I feel about that? What do I believe about God? About Love? About wanting to Love? About Friendships?

I heard God already loves me, wants a relationship with me and is waiting for me to want the same. I found this pretty confronting as I like to wait for people to like me first and for me to feel ‘safe’ before launching into a friendship.

Well guess what? God is already there and I am the one procrastinating, so I need to find out why! Why I wouldn’t want a relationship with the most amazingly Loving, creative, incredibly everything entity who I know very, very little about but have so much to discover. (I am basing this on the premise that God is more loving and wonderful than any person I can imagine and I have yet to find that out for myself, at present, but I really like the idea).

There is so much to discover…

I heard that God made the world as one big fun playground for us – Her children to explore, discover, experiment and adventure in? I heard that God’s Love is an actual substance that enters your soul!? That God has made a frame work of laws all based on love that guide you towards love and God and teach you about love without you even realising it every single moment of your existence? Did you even know or believe you have a Soul? Do you know how it works? How your soul functions? What happens to it? Can you feel it?

I am still unsure and have no idea about pretty much all of these things but I have a new found excitement in exploring and discovering the wonders that are possible in God’s universes!

I am being confronted by a lot of stuff I have been holding onto inside of myself when I explore, which is interesting in itself, and I feel that if I do not keep feeling that it will be very easy to put this stuff in the ‘too hard basket’ and ‘leave it for another day’, because honestly it is uncomfortable at times about how little I know for certain, how ‘un-nice’ I really am and how readily I engage in sinful/unloving behaviour which I have very much wanted to deny, and I have been taught, falsely, I need to be perfect before I begin, that mistakes are ‘bad’ for some reason, so often I decide to not even try before I begin. It feels like I have had what seems like everything back to front in what seems like every area of my life.

God’s Truth is amazing, I love it! I find it challenging at times to accept personal truth from God’s perspective about myself, though it is better to know than not know. At least then I can do something about it. Plus I like myself more as I give up the lies I was taught and held onto about myself. Life is more enjoyable as I see more truth about myself because even the stuff I don’t like is just a product of a bad education and that gives me hope, because I have the option to re-educate myself God’s Way this time!

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Some things that I thought were really cool from the 2014 Assistance Group:

How important A personal relationship with God is. How important forgiveness and repentance are. How important the use of my Will and How amazing God’s Love is.
I hadn’t given much real thought to all that Jesus has been saying, not real deep time consuming thought that ‘takes you to all sorts of places and uncovers all sorts of unanswered questions’ which you feel, and changes your soul for real.

I have done a lot of intellectual pondering and thought I had wanted a better life and to be happier, for things to be smooth and ‘nice’, I didn’t have a clue what that meant but it seems to be what everyone wants or thinks they should want and so I have been going along with it.

When I heard about how powerful Prayer is for a relationship with God, how Forgiveness sets you free and how the need for Repentance is only created due to my lack of forgiveness in the first place I felt excited. It also gives me hope that I don’t have to stay stuck for the whole of eternity in my fear and terrors of bad things reoccurring based on past traumatic experiences. I can heal the abuse issues for real and forever if I choose to follow God’s Way!

It is easy to expound that ‘Love is what makes the world go round’, but what does that really mean? What is God’s love? Well I would love to tell you… but I don’t know yet… it is something for me to explore and to find out for myself! Then I will know for sure and then I will have an experience, a ‘for real one’ that is mine and not just an arm chair travelers version.

I realised that I haven’t really embraced my will. I haven’t really felt I had free will or I didn’t want it, I would have preferred someone else to make decisions for me in case I made a mistake or I got wrong or for some other reason I didn’t like the feeling of. I didn’t actually know what my Will was to be honest and over the ten days I found out what it is and I found out how to use mine and exercise it in a positive direction. We will see how I go with that, but I was excited to finally get a grasp on it.

I feel like a kid who has just started school – the best ever school possible where ‘Learning About Love’ is the first subject learnt. There are all these things I know nothing about and I feel out of my depth but also excited at the wonders and possibilities ahead. God wants to teach me, God is the greatest teacher (I base this comment on nature and trees, plants, animals, humans) God made us and the living world and He is one friggen awesome creator and I would like to learn from Him! I can’t make anything as amazing as a plant, let alone a human, so I would like to learn from the one who did make those things (God)!!!

I realised that all the things I am holding on to damage others and every relationship and actually every interaction I have comes with baggage and is not objective in the least. It is totally based on my past experience meaning that even what I attract is going to be drawn to me to teach me about Love and getting myself into harmony with God’s Love.

I heard about Forgiveness and Repentance. I haven’t gone through this process yet but what I heard sounds exciting and it was explained in a way that I can see will set me free if I truly go through the process! That is exciting! In fact that is phenomenal!

If I choose to love there are rewards, and I get to play more in God’s Universe with less restriction.
If I choose not to love I get restricted more. It’s simple.

This is God’s version of Love! And God’s version is way better than people Love. People’s version of love (in general) is pretty messed up at the moment (it can be refined and be lovely, but on the planet at the moment there are lots of false beliefs about what love is and what love does). In the world at present it feels like ‘love’ has all these ‘strings attached’ and all these ‘uncertainties’, addictions and ‘maybe’s’ to it. God’s Love is certain, infinite – that’s right forever love and it is always there if I desire a relationship with God – so I have heard. Smile.

I feel inspired to learn more about what love is (and what it is not). I feel it is possible to refine my definition of love. I would like to aspire to love like God loves (obvious this will be a continuous aspiration because God is infinite and I am not)!

I want to explore more. I am excited to find out about my will. To discover more about God’s Love. I want to try this for myself!
I am not jumping all over the place because I know I have a limited sense of what is possible and I have injuries that I still uphold as ‘true’. I realise I will need to deconstruct my beliefs and get real and true with my Friend God before I will release these and transform into something new!

The Assistance Group was such a gift! There was Love in action; God’s Truth was shared,(nothing Jesus hasn’t said before) only this time I heard a little bit more!
I highly recommend doing your own personal Assistance Group on line via YouTube on the Divine Truth Channel!
It has the potential to change your life for serious!! (I say potential because nothing can change unless you make a choice, use your will and have a sincere, strong personal desire for change! And that is completely up to you my friend!!)

My gratitude to Jesus, Mary & Cornelius for gifting the world your time, God’s Truth and your personal experiences of God’s Way!

Thanks to Jesus and the Divine Truth production team for the gift of your time and expertise in putting all the information gathered up on YouTube for the world to discover! You are inspirational and I am so grateful for your friendship!

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* More information on the Assistance Groups and the material presented can be found on the Divine Truth website ( and the Divine Truth Channel YouTube.

2014 Assistance Group 1
2014 Assistance Group 2

** I am not pro at pray yet, I don’t think I have a totally ‘passionate desire and longing for a relationship with God’ yet, but I would like to grow one. So I am experimenting with Pray. Great talks on Prayer go to this link, Divine Truth YouTube Channel.

**** Updated 5 December 2020

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