External Influences

Historically I haven’t been a deep thinker or logical analyzer of my feelings, thoughts and actions, instead preferring to skim the surface and find evidence that supports my flawed belief systems. This is a place that I have been easily influenced without paying too much attention to who or what the influence was.

By flawed belief systems I mean any belief out of harmony with love truth and morality from God’s perspective.
Due to growing up indoctrinated in flawed belief systems that we act on and build our lives upon it takes some kind of external influence, who knows more about love than us, and or someeone who is usually in a higher soul condition to ourselves, to highlight the flaws in our beliefs and gift the knowledge of a different way to live (see links at end of this post).

I have been thinking about the many influences in my life and who I choose to listen to and the emotional reasons I have for listening or not listening.

As a brief overview, there are many kinds of influence in our lives, from benevolent (positive) to malevolent influences. Positive or benevolent Influence I define as loving, truthful and moral from God’s perspective, which includes the conscious mechanism, God, people on earth and in spirit who are more developed in love (information about the conscience can be found in Jesus & Mary’s forgiveness and repentance presentations at thislink).

Often we ignore these influences as they are kind but firm and ‘quieter’, they honour free will and though they attempt to help us constantly we must desire to listen which involves feeling how we feel and becoming sensitive to their council.


Malevolent influences include people in physical bodies and spirit who have the intention to harm, they are not moral they do not have our best interests at heart.

Often these influences are insistent and demanding, they seem louder and play on unhealed emotions or addictions we desire to have met. We may even feel they ‘love’ us when we are insensitive to feeling and lack knowledge and experience of what love actually is. We leave ourselves open to manipulation, bribery, and blackmail if we do not allow our emotional experience and have a firm moral base to live from.

There are those who don’t intend to harm but due to ignorance or false beliefs cause harm inadvertently by reinforcing or perpetrating flawed beliefs in others. And influences that neither help nor hinder.

We are constantly influenced via feelings, suggestions, conversations, impressions and many other means. The influence is not the problem in fact influence has many wonderful potentials and outcomes especially when we listen to positive influences or act morally under negative influences. The important thing is the personal choices we make and what actions we take based on the influence.

This is where I feel educating oneself about God’s Way is so important because without knowing what God feels, what is moral, we are floundering around in the dark convincing ourselves of all kinds of untruth or acting and making decisions because it fits our belief systems, emotional addictions or because someone suggested or told us too rather than having a heartfelt feeling within our own soul that it is right and true (moral). The choices we make impact and influence our future.

It is one thing to speak about influences and say ‘your belief systems are flawed’ quite another to offer logical, loving solutions and how to positively change ones life from God’s Viewpoint.

I am grateful to the teachings of Jesus and Mary (Divine Truth) for offering education, knowledge and the resources to gain an education in love and morality and God’s Way if we desire to embrace it. Via applying these teachings and getting to know God I am coming to recognise the influences in my life for what they are and to see the importance of taking responsibility for all the choices I make and the action or inaction I choose to take.

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Note: a mediumship presentation Jesus and Mary did on the 24th of October with Aphraar will be coming out on the Divine Truth YouTube channel soon (once it has been edited) which has lots of information about different influences in our lives.