Construction Ideas & Inspiration


‘Donut’ design (thanks to Jesus for sharing this concept & idea with us)

Pete and I get excited about experimenting with construction and various ways to make buildings/dwellings.

Our friend Jesus is an awesome ideas person, designer & problem solver and in a conversation some months ago was discussing with us construction ideas and speaking with us about design ideas and Love based principles in Construction. I made up some very basic concept drawings and paper mache initial concept designs to have a look in 3D (these are not to scale) what the ideas may look like.

Below: Concept models of possible layouts and ideas for the ‘Donut’ Design.

Our reason for sharing the concept designs publicly is firstly we felt so excited and inspired by the possibilities and ideas and secondly we are interested if you have any information, ideas, thoughts or inspirations that you desire to share in regards to construction,  please contact us through the ‘contact us’ page (press on link) or via email

We would love to hear about ideas in any areas, including but not limited to: concept development (additional ideas & inspirations you may have from seeing these designs), engineering (taking into consideration the below criteria – bullet points) particularly ideas to do with catastrophes including earthquakes, new and interesting materials that you may know about to use in construction, new power sources & people doing interesting experiments in these areas, waste management etc.

Jesus has discussed and spoke about some areas to look at when designing and creating buildings. Some (this is not an extensive list) of the qualities that we found inspiring are as follows:

  • Research, Planning & mini experimentation is SUPER important
  • Are lovingly designed, functional, economical, long lasting, least environmental impact as possible, made out of materials that creatures don’t want to eat and recycle
  • Standardized, so that they can be put up in all manner of places with similar design and materials used. Or with minimal modifications can be built in all climates and terrains.
  • Take into consideration environmental factors and function both in summer and winter
  • self sufficient
  • Simple – in design, to construct, to live in
  • Micro climates able to be created in the center of the ‘donuts’ to support an entire community with food produce and other essential materials, no matter what the climate or terrain.
  • Are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and earth change events such as: floods, tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme fires,
  • Can be constructed for reasonable cost out of materials found locally, if not literally on site where possible
  • Can be added one piece at a time
  • energy efficient, everything efficient
  • functional and support those who live in them, physically, in their desires & passions, lifestyle
  • Waste management – everything that is can be goes back into land regeneration

If you do desire to share please keep in mind that if you have ideas and find information it is most helpful to have it summarised and investigated thoroughly before sharing it, with sources sited (so others can find the info easily). Personal ideas & experience are welcomed. If you feel like sharing with us we’d love to hear from you.

“Donut” design:

Each section is individually created (see below) so that they can be made separately and then joined to the next one as needed. So that each new ‘unit’ was built it could be added to eventually form an entire ‘donut’.

Each ‘unit’ would have privacy as it faces away from the other and it would also mean any maintenance or repairs could be carried out by removing sections and replacing them if needed.

Tetrahedron shape could be used as square sides may be more cost effective in the short term.  Edges are square but form a ‘circle’ when all added together next to each other. This would lend itself to the same ideas as the ‘donut’ in making it in parts and able to replace and repair parts without damaging the whole.



this ‘conut’ complex could have a 20km diameter and potentially house 20, 000 people depending on design. It could also be 2 km wide, or as wide or small as suits the requirements

Top view (above) Could build this in sections at different times as needed. could have facilities such as schools and auditoriums. Due to being built in sections each one is able to be removed and repaired if needed without demolishing the entire structure. Potentially could house 20,000 people all with privacy, abundant food and awesome living conditions. This could be 3-4 levels high.


model of apartment/separate living space ideas for individual sections. These are not to scale

‘Donut’ design cross section (below).

  • water storage/sewage underground.
  • covered with hydraulic system that can lift the roof to enable air to flow
  • under cover part is created to be a consistent temperature in order to grow food all year round. Particularly good for very cold environments.
  • This design is a four story ‘donut’ design which would include homes, school, halls, meeting space, areas for creating e.g. making clothes, cooking/kitchen areas, market type areas, creation spaces.
  • Walkways could go all around the inside in order for people to easily get about and enjoy themselves. In this design view faces outwards. Depending on size could face inwards to enjoy the gardens, pools, various other beautiful features.

cross section of ‘donut’ construction idea (not to scale)


Cross section of ideas for ‘donut’ design with retractable dome over middle section for food growing/food forest, natural beauty area and mirco climate. (Not to scale)

2km – 20km or more distance in middle. Could actually build a ‘donut’ around a hill, or encompassing rain forest (see drawing concept below).

Due to the design being made up of sections could make it over time as funds become available and the desire or need for it grows.

Could have earth built up on outsides with grass/plants growing up over it. ‘Donuts’ could have view facing into the hill/forest. or could do it opposite way and have view facing outwards.


build the ‘donut’ around a hill encompassing rain forest. Creating a ‘bio dome’ where many things could grow in a micro climate. (Not to Scale). Part could also have earth over it for strength and durability.

Some Advantages:

  • Can build on any terrain as it can ‘mould’ around hills, through forests etc.
    has great Privacy as each section’s outlook is viewing nothing in front of them, all have a  view, all connected
  • walk ways internally/externally so that it is easy to get around without damaging areas
  • less land taken for housing
  • more economical resources & money wise
  • self contained
  • private while being part of a community
  • self sufficient – food, waste, etc
  • incorporates everything needed with least amount of damage to environment.

Would eventually like to have levitation/vacuum suction devices to get around in instead of cars and roads. Could have communal transport so that everyone didn’t need their own vehicle – e.g. levitation ‘train’ to whizz about around the grounds etc (I don’t know about the higher laws of love or how this works yet, but I love the idea).

Using materials such as earth bricks could mean you do least amount of damage in smallest area as using onsite materials – needs further investigation

Above are some ideas of layout designs (not to scale) and window options. Could have retractable window shutters, and ability to have various ways to help protect the building from earth change events, or extreme weather events. The design would be such that there is very little modifications needed but can be made anywhere in the world. Retractable coverings to shut out light or protect from extreme weather events.

Other ideas:


Above, idea of having a central domed pod in the middle with curved ‘pod’s’ radiating out from the middle. Based on ‘Nissan huts’ idea in Australia. Could also do this with covered shipping containers.

Would suit a family or could have it as four families all with back of pods joining central area where food/kitchen/eating area. (can design all sorts of things)

Rounded shaped buildings (below). Probably strong, but individual. These could have earth over the roof and use aeration ducts through the water storage area to keep them cool and moderate temperature.