Inspiring People: Daniel Flynn

We watched this talk this morning and thought that it was a great example of perseverance. How many people say every day ‘I don’t do something [add what you don’t do] because I don’t have any money’ or ‘I don’t have enough time’ or I don’t have enough resources’ or some other reason.

Here was a group of 19 year olds (at the time they began) who had a thousand dollars between them and who through perseverance and a desire to make a difference started the Thank You Group.

We enjoyed the ideas and concepts especially how an idea is a starting point, but it’s what you do with it, the actions you personally take that makes it into something extraordinary.

We don’t endorse everything in this clip. What we did enjoy is their passion and that they didn’t give up. When things went wrong they didn’t stop they went back and reflected and changed, never losing site of their dream.

(There is a story near the end of a 12 year old boy – Ben -which is as good as the whole talk itself. around 19 mins)

We encourage you (and ourselves) to check out all those (false) beliefs and crazy un-truth’s that stop each of us personally following our heart’s desires!