Foxes & Lions

We thought you might enjoy the following clips.

The first is about a man in Africa, who loves wild animals and is part of their ‘family’. His name is Kevin Richardson, he is looking to heighten awareness about lions and other African animals and increase their declining habitat which is one of the main reasons for native animals demise. Click on the link below to take you to the video (approx 14 mins).

Go-Pro lions

Kevin’s website:

This second clip is for anyone who feel foxes are ‘vermin’. We disagree. We don’t endorse the domestication of animals especially ‘wild’ ones but we found out some things we didn’t know before about foxes during this clip. Click below to take you to the video (approx 3 mins duration).

 domesticated fox

It’s amazing how perception changes when you know more about an animal, person or thing. Fears keep us small, so small that often we don’t even bother to find out for ourselves the Truth about what we fear.