Environment Research Group

plant yet to be identified,

plant yet to be identified,

This is to draw your attention to a meeting on Sunday 15th December, beginning at 2pm in the woolshed (details on the events page).

The purpose of this meeting is to gather with a group of people who are interested in knowing more about and researching further the medicinal, healing properties of plants and soil recovery plants in our environment both locally and world wide.

I personally would like to discover more about the healing qualities, attributes and nature of plants as God designed them; to begin to collate a ‘living medicine chest’ and seed bank of the plants we discover with extensive written research, both known and channelled, as reference material to go with each plant, which is available to anyone who desires it and especially for those that may be affected by major toxic disasters – e.g. nuclear radiation, chemical spills etc.

This meeting is for anyone who likes researching, experimenting, discovering and who has a desire and/or interest in plants. There will be research opportunities and tasks to participate in. You don’t need any previous knowledge to come along.

If you would like to actively join in with this experiment come and join me on Sunday, or contact me at: eloisa@Kyabra.com

Patterson's curse

Patterson’s curse

The images below were taken on an adventure with the kids across Kyabra yesterday (20131210) (click on one of the thumbnail photo’s below to begin a ‘gallery’ viewing session on your screen)