Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to our ‘new’ blog.

Our intention is for this to be our ‘website’. A place you can come and see what we are up too, events that are or will be happening here and also a place that will be a resource for projects happening at the Learning Centre and that you can do yourself at home.

We will document things that we have found useful, fun, interesting, exciting and that work. We will document them over time also. What we do at Kyabra Learning Centre (Kentucky NSW) can be done on large or small scale. We are looking at using what resources we have on hand in a loving, logical and beautiful manner. We have much to learn and some things we have already found work others don’t, and many things get changed as we gain more information, understanding and growth.

We really love experimenting and exploring and discovering new things and new ways of doing things. You can try the experiments we have under way or wait and see how they work out and what modifications we make and then and do them then – it is up to you and what you desire.

There are various static pages you can look at which give information on us, the learning centre itself, projects, past, present, future and dreams, donations, events, photo gallery and so forth.
Feel free to browse at your leisure.

This is now our ‘official’ site and all information will be updated on this including events etc.

Our other blog will still be in use but will be used for more personal posts and emotional discoveries specific to us rather than what is happening on the Learning Centre. Our emotions impact everything we do, but the intention of this site it to be more instructional with more specific information and ‘how to’ information.

Enjoy, we look forward to seeing you and ‘meeting’ those of you we do not know yet sometime in the future.

Love the Lytton-Hitchins Family

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