Often this man
– who I really, really, really like –
triggers my emotions & my desires

 – like here – giggle.

I like men*. I WANT to like men, and I want to grow my LOVE for men. I am afraid of men but I really like them. I feel scared and terrified at times, around men for numerous reasons and potential reasons and reasons that intellectually don’t make any sense at all. I feel emotionally scared around men – mostly (unless they are meeting a lot of my addictions). I feel dumb and stupid – often. I feel inadequet, embarassed, shy, uncertain, terrified, unworthy, not good enough, lesser, to name a few. I have a huge fear of rejection and feel that I will be discarded, ridiculed, and trampled and squashed if they knew the True Eloisa.

But despite ALL these emotions I like men. And I am wanting to be with men more. The emotions oozing from my soul still inhibit this, so I am praying for the desire to feel through those so my law of attraction changes and I actually attract loving male interaction. 

I have this desire to just sit (which in itself for me is SUPER uncomfortable, and with a man even more uncomfortable) and feel what it feels like to be with a man without projections, expectation, demands, needs and so on (from both parties). To be really frank there is only one man – AJesus (and when I am open, in moments with Pete), bar the masculaine side of God who I have actually been able to do this with so far. And in truth, God and AJ are the ones without projections, demands, expectations and needs, I am not. But I now have some hope and I KNOW that it is possible!!! I am excited and scared.

There is one man in my life who I really, really, really like and I want to open my heart to that man. I want to love that man, the way God loves. I want to open my soul to the possibility of the other half of me – the man half of me, the man half of my soul.

This is the man I really, really, really like.
I even LOVE him for him in moments, which feels REALLY yummy!!
He is super delicious & super & delicious.. to ME!
I like him lots. . .

I want to know what the man I really, really, really like truly likes. What he truly feels and how he truthfully express himself – when I am not projecting mountains of negative emotions, anger that he is a man or not doing what I want, expectations, needs, needy demands and addictions at him. I want to know what it feels like and how to be feminine while being with the masculaine. I want to feel what feminineity feels like full stop. I want to love being feminine and being a woman (this is a growing desire as some days – the dark self punishing days – I don’t want to be a woman at all, which makes all the desire to actually be with a man and my soulmate SUPER difficult.)

I feel nervous, uncertain, ashamed of being a woman, but I want to know what being a woman feels like. And I want to know what it feels like to be with a man without ‘acting it up’ or ‘acting out a role’. Without pretending I’m something I’m not, without pretending to be what I think they want me to be. It’s not happening YET, but this is what I’d like.

I’m not angry at men but I am sad. I have anger in me and it still comes out at the male and men and projected at the man I really, really, really like, but it’s a cover for the grief I feel around men (my dad) and I lump them all into my emotional injuries related to dad**. This is debilitating as the whole male proportion of the population (both in the physical world and the spirit world) are NOT my dad and I am missing out on getting to know a whole heap of God’s amazing creations due to my emotional injuries and errors – God this frustrates me.

Dear God

Please help me open to the possibility of loving and feeling love from men. I want to open my soul to my soulmate. I want to be humble. I want to love – your way. I’m not very good at it yet, but I would like to be. I want to feel and be open, vulnerable and feminine with a man. Please help me feel all that blocks this God. Help me feel all the fear and terror I have – fears of rejection, of being squished like a bug when I show my true self, fear of being ignored, isolated, alone!!

What does it feel like to truly love a man, TRULY LOVE? Without need, demand, expectation, addiction, control, judgement, competition, or comparison. Please show me, help me FEEL what it feels like God!!

What does it feel like to be truly loved by a man God, TRULY LOVED? Not beholden, downtrodden, demanded upon, expected of, needily needed, projected upon?

God what does it mean to be in relationship with a man? In relationship not based on injury or error?
Please God help me to grow this desire. Help me to open my heart and grow my desire to love!! Show me why I don’t want to love when I don’t desire to love.

Thank you God for being! 
Thank you God for loving!
Thank you God for giving!
Thank you GOD!!!



* When I say, ‘I like men’, I am talking about a new teeny window in my soul that is opening to the possibility that I can actually like men without wanting something from them, or feeling I have to give something to them in order for them to like me or to get something back from them. I also want to clarify that at this time there is only ONE man who I want and am interested in being intimate with and that is the man I really, really, really like – Peter. I have yet to discover if he is my soulmate but I want to explore and feel with him while I am on that discovery. I want to know him and he will be the first man who I actually am beginning to really know on a soul level. This is also the first time I feel I have actually WANTED to open even to the possibility that I can like and know a man and I hope truly love a man as God loves. My life has been dominated by the sisterhood and women who are angry AT men and who feel men are there to be used and often abused emotionally (the women and men at times are not consciously aware of this due to not being aware of what is coming out of their souls, me included in this); It has felt to me and in my observation and on reflection, that if a man didn’t/doesn’t meet the needs, demands, expectations, addictions of the women I have known in my life (at a soul level) then they (the men) are discarded, disregarded, degraded or negatively slandered. I feel like I have a huge ‘ L’ plate on in this discovery – we’ll see how it goes.

** The beliefs and injuries about men I have, I am discovering do not always come directly from my Dad. I have many injuries relating to my dad but many are the beliefs and injuries of my mum about and towards men. This is one thing I am finding that I need to FEEL because intellectually I get it ‘wrong’. When I feel, and trust what I feel I am discovering that often it is different to what I intellectually first thought.

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