Thank You!

We just want to thank the people who turned up on Saturday for your intention to come and clean chairs or give to the land and us. We appreciate it.

We hope you enjoyed the change of plan and thank you so much to Fabio for a mini singing workshop, and running the karaoke for us all. Thank you also for some great songs amongst all our ‘trying’ smile.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!


The Lytton-Hitchins

The Chairs stayed in their places
Fabio gifted us with some great singing
and we all had fun joining in!

CHANGE OF PLAN: Rainy Day Programme

Hi Everyone,

It began raining last night YAY! and it looks to continue over the weekend.

We have decided that we WILL go ahead with Saturday and cancel Sunday this weekend.

If it is raining tomorrow (Sat) we will be in the woolshed doing some inside projects in the morning and have some singing, dancing and a shared meal in the afternoon if you would still would like to join us. 

If we have been in the woolshed all day the evening programme will be cancelled. This will not be decided until 8am Saturday at the morning briefing.

If it clears at all during the day those who desire can go up to the waterless garden and help out.

If it is sunny then some of the outside paddock projects will be going ahead as described on the events page. This will be decided at 8am tomorrow morning at the woolshed briefing. The Sunday projects are cancelled.

Please bring: 

  • wet weather gear, 
  • a towel if you want a shower,
  • tools
  • any snacks you want 
  • a plate of vegan or vegetarian shared food for late lunch/early dinner 
  • Water (enough bottles to take to the field in case it is sunny)
  • dancing shoes

For any more information or if unsure of any of the details please contact Eloisa on or phone 04 3411 2585

We look forward to seeing those of you who are coming.

We’ll be in touch with a re schedule of the entire weekend in the near future.


February Events


We have had a lovely ‘break’ and are loving this beautiful rain that we have been having over the last few days. We are excited about getting up and running with events for the year, starting new projects and finishing off old ones.

Now that the earth is a little damp we can begin planting trees again.

We are having our first Environment Day next Wednesday 6th February 2013. (Environment Day’s will be becoming regular again this month, check events page for details.)

We are having a chair-cleaning working bee on Saturday 9th February 2013.

Lincon and Philippa are having a day in the Waterless Garden on Saturday 16th February 2013.
If you would like to come along and give some time, effort and love to this project they will be excited to see you there!

We are planning to have regular weekends this year for varied activities. The first one will be Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of March 2013. The weekend’s activities will include: tree planting, gardening, living systems, installing nature boxes and playing with barbed wire. (More information to come on this event, please check the Events static page for details closer to the time).

If you have a desire to join us for any of these events or future events check out the Events static page for details and listen/watch prerequisite material which can be found at the bottom of the Events static page. For more information or questions and queries please contact us via email or phone.

We feel this is going to be a year full of exciting experiments, discoveries, investigations and fun!

Pete’s always wanted a bulldozer, we just didn’t realise it would be God’s version
not man’s, giggle. Welcome to the first wombat in over 100 years or more to the
property. He’s pretty cool, feisty, smoochy and very determined when wanting
to get into our house!!!