The Beauty of God’s Creations

I hope you enjoy these little pieces of nature as much as I did.
This plant looked like some that live under the sea. It was growing literally out of a rock. I am constantly amazed by how things just want to grow and that God has designed such beauty.
spiky fruit
spiky leaf – This plant was seriously amazing, seriously armoured and the prickles were soft unless touched straight on where they left a stinging sensation
orange grub – this had a series of orange grubs in this ‘bean’ like ‘pod’ created out of a host Euclypt.
Glowing nettle

Preparations Day One & Two

The last couple of days have begun and been busy organising things for ‘Summerfest’. We are grateful to all who have volunteered time and resources over the last while and especially the last couple of days organising, sourcing, gathering, delivering… Thank you so much to our neighbours for giving us their wood piles to put in the systems and to everyone who has contributed newspaper, cardboard, wooden pallets, cardboard bales, time etc.
Chopping Cardboard for ‘Worm food slurry’:
making a cardboard roll
feeding it in
worm food

Neighbour’s forest and wood piles. Gathering, chopping, transporting wood. New discoveries and wonders:

tall trees
termite mound
dead matter pile


ant highway and animal
shaped wood
somethings home
gaul wasp nodes

Standbye Paddock Preparation:

new contour
pond beginning to fill from a beautiful downpour of
rain. We suggest you bring your gumboots!
Things just want to grow!! Growth on the contours beginning
fertility system/living system hole partially full of water

Another load of wood from the neighbours – thank you!!

We kept imagining this being planted out and created into
a beautiful forest again! It has so much potential.
load on the move
investigating all sorts of new things.
what is happening around some of the woodpiles at the
neighbours. They are naturally creating living
systems. It was really exciting to see what is happening.
There were some different soil creatures,
beetles, ants, insects etc beginning. Not much else, but there is life.
I feel there was much that I ‘couldn’t’ see also doing lots of work.

sculptural log stacking
what water does to wood
new home

Thanks so much for all your help, ‘pre’ preparing! We are grateful for your desire, help and growing friendships!

after some rain