Bees & Thoughts on Insects and the Smaller Creatures

We think bees* and flies, ants** (waste warriors), bugs, mosquitos, etc, etc, insects and creatures of all types, shapes and sizes are really very clever, very cool and very interesting. The amount of things they do are amazing. They are so talented and we don’t think that we would survive without them. We feel it is important to provide for the bottom of the food chain and all creatures***.
Where would we be without the insects, microbes, little soil warriors? The worms, soil makers and all those in between. They break down our waste, organic matter and are beautiful recycliers. They pollinate, clean up, and have perfect symbiotic relationships with various other living creatures and flora.
They facinate and intrigue us and we love learning about what they do, how they do it, their purposes, roles, and their individual talents and the wonders that they are.
Since becoming interested in insects and the smaller creatures and life creators we have discovered some amazing species. We don’t think they are new to Earth (we know they are not), but they are new to us and they are beautiful and awe inspiring to observe and learn about.
We were talking to a friend of ours the other day and he has seen blue bees.
We have (for the first time) seen blue/green iridescent flies with black and white polka dot undersides and yellow heads, purple iridescent ants with blue legs, rainbow bugs – jewel beetles and christmas beetles, soldier beetles; there are mud wasps working with Izabella, Charlie and Archie in their mud pits and building perfect mud castles on the underside of our veranda and in the kids curtains. The kids love bugs and are always finding species to come and show us. We are beginning to love bugs of all kinds, shapes and sizes.
There are so many wonders in this world. So much to explore, discover and enjoy. I am grateful to our creator for making such diversity, perfection and wondrous creatures so perfectly and precicely.
If we (the human soul) are the pinnacle of God’s creation imagine what we are like in all our glorious perfection****- something to aim for, smile.
Bee and Fly collecting from the sunflowers
Bee Day (one of Michael’s and the kids passions) – checking bees and setting up a new hive for a swarm
Bees checking out their new home
Check out the website for more native Australian bee information.
Golden honey from domesticated bees
A wild bee entering it’s hive in a hollow in a manna gum near the creek
Wild bee hive found in the paddock. How amazing are bees to build such perfect honey
comb from scratch.

Really God has created such beautiful, perfect, precise, amazing, awe inspiring creatures both great and small! Think of all the things, all the creatures we have no idea about and yet they are working in perfect harmony all around us doing all sorts of things that I often feel we take totally for granted and are often in total ignorance about the how’s and why’s of. Nature is definitely one beautiful way to explore and discover more about God and God’s perfect creations. Tread lightly and carefully on your discoveries. smile.

* A really cool Australian bee website is it has some great photos and basic information on lots of types of bees.

**Check out Mary’s blog for some really interesting images of insects in extreme flood conditions and a documentary on ants who are seriously amazing!!

***We still are working through some feelings we have around certain insects, creatures and bugs that attack things but realise that their behaviour is to do with our emotions and projections towards them rather than just an un warranted intent to attack. They wouldn’t attack if they felt loved, ‘safe’ protected, provided for and as important as every other creature in the environment. At the moment things are still out of balance for us. We are working to love all creatures equally. Observing ourselves in this experiment is very enlightening!
****We are not there yet by any means, but sometimes I like to wonder and imagine what the possibilities of my soul are if I am stretched all the way to being at-one-with-God, Wow! (I don’t think my imaginings even come close).  I love wondering and entertaining thoughts about the possibilities of creation in nature of a soul who is in a state of perfection!