Thank You! November 2018

Hi Everyone.

This is a short post to express my gratitude to those of you who make one off or regular donations to me personally. I feel so grateful for the donations and gifts you give to me. They contribute to me being able to volunteer full time for two organisations (Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd.) that I whole heatedly believe in.

Thank you to Jesus and Mary as it is by association with them and Divine Truth that I receive donations at this time and they have kindly listed me on their website as a volunteer.

I feel privileged to live a life I love and spend time in a team that is working toward the common goal of sharing God’s Truth with the world. I am involved in a lot of training and gathering of new skills gifted by Jesus & Mary. Thank you Jesus and Mary for providing this opportunity!

I also want to thank everyone who donates to God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth organisations! I know that every gift and donation is deeply appreciated.

As a director of God’s Way Ltd I want to express my gratitude to those who donate in good faith to an organisation that is in it’s infancy. The vision for God’s Way Ltd is vast and beautiful. Instead of going into the details here I suggest heading over to the God’s Way Ltd website where there are posts about the organisation and it’s operations.



Australian native bee on papaya flower Wilkesdale, QLD, Australia